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Innovation without Boundaries

Posted on behalf of Shashi Kiran, Senior Manager in the Network Systems group at CiscoAny company, no matter how big it grows, needs to be humble enough to constantly seek and nurture new ideas both from within and outside – to stay nimble, to remain competitive and to deliver continued value to its customers, partners and employees. Cisco is no exception. As we build upon our traditional areas of expertise, and embrace new ones - it is our constant endeavor to collaborate and learn, and make the vision of the Human Network Effect a reality. For the first time in our company history, or at least as far back as we can recall, we’re launching an exciting worldwide contest targeted towards application developers, called the Cisco”Think Inside The Box” Developer Contest. It is open to individuals or teams of up to three people, over the age of 18. Up to US$100,000 in total prize money will be awarded to three winning teams. It is a two phased contest that we expect to last at least through May 2009. For more details on the contest, please visit the official contest website. This flash provides a quick preview of the contest coming from the dynamic duo and Cisco TechWise TV hosts Robb Boyd and Jimmy Ray Purser. Read More »

Cisco I-Prize Winners: Family Affair from Germany and Russia

As you may have already seen on VentureBeat, we announced our I-Prize winner today. The I-Prize was a global competition to help identify a major new business opportunity for Cisco. The winning team, based in Germany and Russia, presented Cisco with a business plan that improves energy efficiency by taking advantage of Cisco’s leadership in Internet Protocol (IP) technology. (Cisco news on the winner here.)The winning I-Prize team was led by Anna Gossen, a computer science student at the Karlsruhe University in Germany. Along with her husband, Niels Gossen, a computer science student at the University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and her brother Sergey Bessonnitsyn, a systems engineer from Russia, the team is eligible to receive US$250,000 in cash to be shared among the team members. Congratulations to Ms. Gossen, Mr. Gossen and Mr. Bessonnitsyn, who won from a group of more than 2500 entrepreneurs and innovators in the contest from 104 countries.You can learn more about the winning project from this video of Ms. Gossen…looks like there are bugs (insects, not code) in Germany this time of year…

Video Is for Everybody

Video, video, video. We talk a lot about video at Cisco. Our CEO says video is the next killer application of the Internet. I meet with colleagues via TelePresence all the time (San Jose to East Coast, London, Vancouver, etc.) and can no longer say, “I haven’t seen you in awhile” because, in fact, I do see them all the time. Video is a great communications medium…and all Cisco employees are encouraged to use video in their jobs…either to reduce travel…to collaborate more effectively…or just experiment and see what may come. With that in mind, I give you this great video created by the administrative assistants in our corporate marketing organization (CMO). For an internal training meeting, they were challenged to put together a video that was fun and funny while still relating to their jobs…they did a great job and I think the Brady Bunch would approve.

The “Tomorrow Economy”

Post by Blair Christie, SVP, Corporate Communications and Investor RelationsWhen will we know what the”Tomorrow Economy” will look like? Maybe when the credit markets stabilize or after the US Election? Perhaps when all of these bad mortgages are off the books-.but who knows? If it is always”tomorrow,” we may never have a clear picture.I hope it is soon -these past few weeks have been stressful! Not just at work, but at home, too. I am tired of filing my quarter 401k and portfolio statements away without opening them. It just doesn’t feel right-.But -it is what it is. And it is impossible today to visualize where the world will be as we go into 2009. So -while there is a lot we don’t know, we should not forget those things we do know.We know that innovation is going to be the key to moving the global economy forward. Innovation in business models, in technology and in human capital. We know that cash is still king. Granted, some cash is worth more than other cash these days, but in the long run, those who have it will be in pole position. That is why I am so comforted that Cisco has over $26B in cash and equivalents on our balance sheet. Read More »

Padmasree Warrior @ WEF’s New Champions meeting in Tianjin, China

Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco, talks about the globalization of science and technology at WEF’s annual meeting of the new champions 2008 in Tianjin, China. She shares messages on innovation, education and intellectual property protection that she takes away from the sessions.