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Cisco CEO in “The Biggest Opportunity of our Lifetime”

Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers contributed a guest column to the Wall Street Journal management page which is now online. In the column he says the current economic downturn gives us “the biggest opportunity of our lifetime” to fundamentally re-architect the way we manage, as well as how we utilize IT in healthcare, education and energy.He writes:”The current economic environment has been described in many ways: the greatest crisis in a half-century; the first meltdown of global proportions; the greatest threat to U.S. leadership.I believe we should describe it another way: the biggest opportunity of our lifetime. We now have the opportunity to re-invent the way we manage companies and get work done. With the government considering a stimulus package, we have the ability to invest this funding in the areas that could potentially transform companies, industries and our economy.”Read the full column here. ( requires a paid subscription)Chambers wrote an op-ed in the San Jose Mercury News in January on the importance of broadband entitled “Time to Broadband Our Economy.”

IPv6 Transition: Ready or Not?

Remember the rush to prepare for Y2K? Well, there’s a similar imperative for customers to prepare for the transition to IPv6 as the number of IPv4 addresses diminishes as we near 2011. What’s driving this? The increasing number of devices and the fact that more and more emerging countries are connecting to the Internet and requiring IP addresses.If you take a look at the IP addresses throughout the world today (see image of the world with primarily N. America and Europe, Japan, Australia”lit” up) you can imagine the impending shortage as emerging countries eventually do get connected.Take a listen to Cisco CTO wireless, security and access routing Pat Calhoun as he provides the highlights of a customer panel he hosted last week on the successes and challenges of transitioning to IPv6. Customer panelists represented the following organizations: Read More »

VIDEO: Cisco CFO Talks Q209 Earnings on Yahoo Tech Ticker

Cisco CFO Frank Calderoni interviewed with Yahoo! Tech Ticker’s Aaron Task this morning about our Q209 earnings report, which happened yesterday.Task writes:”In the accompanying video, Frank Calderoni, Cisco’s CFO, discusses how the company is weathering the economic storm and addresses the following issues:-How the deterioration in Cisco’s orders deteriorated in January vs. late 2008, leading to its grim forecast.-The lack of visibility in predicting when Cisco might return to its promised 12%-17% growth rate. -How Cisco is investing its huge cash horde.-If and when Cisco might join the mass-layoff parade.”

Cisco Chairman and CEO on Q209, Economy and Managing in Downturn

Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers talks about our Q209, the state of the global economy and managing in a downturn. This is his second post earnings video. See his first post-earnings video here.To listen to a replay of our Q209 earnings call, please visit our Investor Relations website.Part 1*Part 2**The YouTube “time limit” is 10 minutes, so this video is split into two parts…video time is slightly over 10 minutes.

Cisco Idea for Valentine’s Day

Whitman’s Sampler (or See’s)? 1-800-Flowers (or FTD)? Tiffany’s (Kay)? Day at the spa? What should you get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? The following public service announcement (PSA) from Cisco may just give you the idea that you need.