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Sports and Technology: Cisco in the Boston Globe…

Traditional versus Modern. Hasn’t that debate raged through just about every aspect of popular culture over the years?Personally, I think the great Motown era of the 60s is a class apart from contemporary pop. And to me, there really was something magical about an era of sports where the leather football could weigh twice as much in wet weather as it did in dry. (Try kicking a fifty yard field goal with a ten pound football!)Anyway, the modern-versus-traditional debate is alive and well and raging in the online pages of the Boston Globe today as a result of a great story written by Shira Springer about fan-facing technology in sports. (Cisco is featured prominently for the cutting-edge technology we’re helping teams such as the New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals add to their stadia.)On one side of the debate, sitting on a wooden bench in the bleachers, a traditionalist argues: “If I want to play/watch a video game, I’ll stay home.”On the other, sitting uncomfortably in his molded plastic seat in the club section, a 6’6” fan says he quite likes the idea of “…ordering food from your seats. No more standing in lines and missing the great play.”Whatever your position in the debate, the Boston Globe story is well worth a read, and Shira’s video (below) of Cisco’s sports demo is well worth a view too.Once you’re done, tell me this: Could you really imagine going back to an era in sports without instant video replays on the big screen?

Cisco Places No. 6 on Corporate Responsibility Officer Magazine’s Best Corporate Citizens List

Corporate Responsibility Officer Magazine announced its 2009 100 Best Corporate Citizens List. Ranking No. 6 overall, Cisco is also one of only three companies to make the list since its inception 10 years ago. Quite a testament to Cisco’s continued focus on and commitment to good corporate citizenship. Below is a video from late last year where Cisco chairman and CEO John Chambers spoke about driving social and economic impact through corporate citizenship with Matthew Bishop, senior business writer for The Economist and Randa Ayoubi, CEO of Rubicon, via TelePresence.Post by Robyn Jenkins-Blum, Cisco Public Relations

Was the Business Bib Ahead of it’s Time?

I was reading Alan Cohen’s blog on the collaboration stimulus plan recently and couldn’t help chuckling about his reference to the very funny and creative work of Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip.  Most of us can relate to more than a few of these artistic depictions of our day jobs, but a recent post really hit home — Dilbert’s using TelePresence to experiment with a new line of green clothing, ‘half-couture’!In the strip Dilbert sports a new business fashion of the half shirt and tie. This reminds me of the business bib buzz that caught our attention in 2006. This was one of those fast burn, white hot stories that even made it onto Good Morning America and into the New York Times. Not sure if this look is really going to catch on but with the rate Cisco TelePresence has been growing, I wouldn’t be willing to bet against it. The Businessbib on GMA:

Broadband: The Need for Speed (ITIF Report)

With an homage to Goose, Maverick and Iceman, the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) yesterday released a report entitled, “The Need for Speed: The Importance of Next-Generation Broadband Networks.” On this site, you can download the report, see the video and slides from yesterday’s event…and even submit your ideas on next-generation broadband.This is the report that was cited by Cisco CEO John Chambers in his contributed piece to, entitled, “Broadband Speeds Our Economy.”

The Realm: Cisco Comic Book-Style Webisodes Bring Security to Life

What makes for interesting marketing in today’s web-focused, always-on world? Is it big media spend for placement? Or is it trying something different that gets word of mouth going through Facebook, Twitter, Digg, you name it? As a marketing vice president, I think we owe it to ourselves to break through barriers and try new technologies and media. One of my favorites that I’ve come across recently is Air New Zealand’s use of people’s bodies as billboards, as reported in the New York Times-it was certainly attention-getting and cost efficient.What I often hear about the best of web 2.0 is that it starts conversations, creates communities, and generates interesting discussions. And that’s why I’m excited about this week’s roll out of The Realm, our new security campaign that features animated versions of the good, the bad, and the ugly-as we see it play out on the Internet each day. Read More »