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BusinessWeek with Cisco CEO John Chambers: “Smart Management for Tough Times”

Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers talks with BusinessWeek about how he innovates and how that leads to changes at the company. BusinessWeek Management Editor Jena McGregor cites Chambers in writing the introductory essay to this week’s cover story “Game Changing Ideas For Business.” Her full essay is here, “Smart Management for Tough Times: Breakthrough management ideas for a world in which the game will never be the same.” She quotes Chambers as saying: “Without exception, all of my biggest mistakes occurred because I moved too slowly.”This comes from Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek senior writer, interview with Chambers: “At Cisco, ‘Downturn’ Screams Long-Term Opportunity“In the following video and Q&A with Burrows, Chambers explains “how he’s building network share while moving into such new markets as health care and security and surveillance.”

All You Wanted to Know About Cisco Unified Computing But Were Afraid to Ask

So, here we are. Today, we (officially) announce our Unified Computing system. There has been quite the buzz in the industry for awhile about Cisco introducing blade servers and what not, but see for yourself what we are…and what we are not doing.Our press release: Cisco Unleashes the Power of Virtualization with Industry’s First Unified Computing SystemPodcast with Cisco and SavvisVIDEO: Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers on Unified ComputingOur Data Center BlogCisco Data Center on Twitter = @CiscoDC Read More »

Cisco’s Unified Computing System Debuts

It has been hard sitting by and watching the rumor mill go into overdrive but we are finally ready to take the wraps off our innovative new system for the data center … Cisco’s Unified Computing System. Cisco talked previously about delivering on the promise of virtualization through Unified Computing — essentially by creating a “central nervous system” that bridges the silos in the data center via architecture that unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualization resources.Many reports have positioned today’s announcement as a blade server launch, and while there is a compute element to Cisco’s Unified Computing System, it is much more than that… Cisco’s Unified Computing System is unique in that it is the first integrated system to bring together physical and virtual compute resources plus networking technology to create a unified computing fabric. Read More »

White Oak Plantation – Clinton Global Initiative

I had the great privilege of representing Cisco lask week at the Clinton Global Initiative planning retreat, the precursor to the larger meeting in New York in September that brings together many of the world’s elite from business and government.The meeting last week was at the White Oaks Plantation, an extraordinary 7,400 acres of pristine woodlands on the banks of the St. Mary’s River, 30 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida. The natural surroundings along with the wildlife conservation center provided an incredible setting. Read More »

Sports and Technology: Cisco in the Boston Globe…

Traditional versus Modern. Hasn’t that debate raged through just about every aspect of popular culture over the years?Personally, I think the great Motown era of the 60s is a class apart from contemporary pop. And to me, there really was something magical about an era of sports where the leather football could weigh twice as much in wet weather as it did in dry. (Try kicking a fifty yard field goal with a ten pound football!)Anyway, the modern-versus-traditional debate is alive and well and raging in the online pages of the Boston Globe today as a result of a great story written by Shira Springer about fan-facing technology in sports. (Cisco is featured prominently for the cutting-edge technology we’re helping teams such as the New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals add to their stadia.)On one side of the debate, sitting on a wooden bench in the bleachers, a traditionalist argues: “If I want to play/watch a video game, I’ll stay home.”On the other, sitting uncomfortably in his molded plastic seat in the club section, a 6’6” fan says he quite likes the idea of “…ordering food from your seats. No more standing in lines and missing the great play.”Whatever your position in the debate, the Boston Globe story is well worth a read, and Shira’s video (below) of Cisco’s sports demo is well worth a view too.Once you’re done, tell me this: Could you really imagine going back to an era in sports without instant video replays on the big screen?