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Q109 Earnings Call This Wednesday…and Q1 Tech and Customer Highlights

Our earnings conference call is on Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 1:30 PM PT where we’ll announce our first quarter fiscal year 2009 financial results. The quarter ended Friday, October 24. We’ll issue our financial results press release over Marketwire, as well as the European Business and Technical Wire after the close of the market on Wednesday. You can watch and listen to our live audio broadcast of the conference call with corresponding slides at (This is also where it will be available for replay.)This quarter, we have also decoupled our Q109 Technology and Customer Highlights from our earnings press release and issued it today. In this document, you can see some of our theatre highlights, milestones and select product announcements.

Powering Up to be Green

Cisco has a long history of responsible business practices and efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. We recently took our commitments to the next level and pledged to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions 25% in absolute terms by 2012. This is a very aggressive goal. In addition to making changes to our operations to achieve it, we are using collaboration technologies to reduce employee travel, deploying intelligent networking tools to help measure, monitor and manage our energy consumption, and improving the efficiencies of our products. InformationWeek reports on some of these efforts (and kudos) here.While our work on products is focused on “powering down,” we’re “powering up” our operations by purchasing green power. This past Monday, Cisco was one of only five organizations nationwide to be chosen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner of the Year. The award recognizes EPA Green Power Partners who distinguish themselves through their purchase, leadership, overall strategy, and impact on the green power market. The EPA states that Cisco and Intel’s (co-award winner!) “combined commitment avoids emissions equivalent to 220,000 cars on the road per year.”Cisco is currently purchasing more than 385 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power annually, 44 percent of our total purchased electricity use. That’s alota wattas! We are buying a combination of utility green power products and renewable energy certificates (RECs) from Austin Energy, Silicon Valley Power/3Degrees, Sterling Planet, and TXU Energy. Through this combination, Cisco is able to further reduce its impact on the environment. Read More »

Take the Time to Vote

We generally don’t need anybody telling us how important it is to vote. Sometimes we do need the reminder, however, that it is okay to take the time to vote. The good people at Google created a site that has many CEOs (including our own Chairman and CEO John Chambers) reminding their employees and other concerned citizens to vote. The idea called “Vote Hour” sprung from a Google employee who read a report from the U.S. Census Bureau that said in the 2004 Presidential election the NUMBER ONE reason that registered voters didn’t make it out to the polls to vote was because they were “too busy” or had conflicting work schedules. The “Vote Hour” effort is to remind people that it doesn’t take that much time to exercise their democratic (small d) muscles.Here are our CEO’s thoughts:To make it extra easy, there is also a Google Maps mash-up to show you where your polling place is. Happy voting!

Bridging the Divide Between IT and Employees

Last month I wrote about a study that we commissioned, which examined data loss in relation to employees worldwide. We’ve been sharing our findings in chapters, via IPTV, and today we’ll discuss chapter two.In this latest installment, we’re focusing on the effectiveness of corporate security policies and employees’ rationale when breaking them. It’s pretty interesting stuff when you look beneath the surface. One issue seems to be dueling perceptions between IT and employees. For instance, while 80 percent of IT professionals say they have a corporate security policy in place, only 50 percent of employees know about it. Read More »

“Reporter” Snooping Around Cisco

This post is a little off topic, but I thought you might find it of interest that we’ve had an enterprising “reporter” snooping around the Cisco campus the last few days who is asking questions ¬†about a rumored, upcoming product launch at Cisco. Several of us have seen him cornering Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers and Vice President of Public Relations, Terry Anderson, and asking questions about the rumored launch. I actually ran into him at a store in Menlo Park and he was asking me questions as well. We’ve captured some video of him and he appears to be surmising that Cisco is going to get into the car business. My colleague at the Service Provider 360 Blog, Doug Webster ran into him, too.Here’s some video that we were able to capture from security cams around the campus…as well as other sources that we can’t talk about.