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WEF: Interesting Times for Latin America (English and Espanol)

The World Economic Forum on Latin America closed last week on a very positive note of optimism for the region. Most attendees were pleased with the positive mood of Rio do Janeiro compared to Davos in January. This shows that things can change positively very quickly. Most economic figures show Latin America is doing a good job to overcome the financial crisis. We at Cisco had the opportunity to participate actively in this forum discussing with government, business leaders and academia the main challenges and obstacles facing the region. We had the chance to engage in conversations about how technology can contribute to the development of the region in key two areas: education and competitiveness. Read More »

CNBC: Cisco/GE/FPL Smart Grid in Miami: “Biggest Smart Grid to Date”

CNBC Reports: “With Earth Day just days away, the bosses of General Electric and Cisco Systems talked about their high hopes for a smart grid initiative underway in Miami, which is expected to be a model for roll out across the nation.””Green investing is good for investors, good for our employees, good for our customers,” said GE CEO Jeff Immelt. “Clean affordable energy is going to happen globally. The US is either going to lead or be left behind. I don’t think the administration has the luxury of not focusing on it right now.” “We ought to lead here in America,” said Chambers, calling green technology, an “instant replay” of the Internet.Partnering with the City of Miami, Florida Power & Light and Silver Spring Networks, Cisco and GE announced the initiative today. More information here: press release here.

IBD Q&A with Cisco CEO “Transition Will Foster Opportunity”

“When IBD launched a new national business newspaper 25 years ago, IBM was a newcomer to the personal computer market, Microsoft employed fewer than 900 people, Apple had just released the Macintosh computer “for the rest of us,” and a Silicon Valley start-up called Cisco Systems began selling routers and other gear to link computers over networks.” So begins a Q&A by IBD reporter J. Bonasia with our Chairman and CEO John Chambers.John answers questions such as:– What have been the most important changes in information technology since those early days of personal computers?– What thoughts do you have for investors on the current economic mess? and,– What leadership does this financial crisis demand of our top executives?John states, in part:

“We (Cisco) are fortunate to have over $30 billion in cash and investments to enable us to be aggressive during this current market transition, and help put us in a good position when we exit this downturn. As I stated in our earnings conference call more than two quarters ago, we will continue to be aggressive and move into new market adjacencies. We will invest heavily in key areas including data center and virtualization, collaboration, video, health care, energy, education and others. Our collaborative management structure — with councils, boards and working groups — allows us to tackle multiple priorities. We know we won’t hit all of them, but most will be very good for us.”

Full story here.

Early Success for Cisco ASR 9000 Router

The ASR 9000, Cisco’s new flagship edge router designed to accommodate increases in video consumption, is coming out of successful global trials…and the early feedback has been considerably positive. imageSeveral top-tier service providers, including DT and Softbank, have endorsed the new platform and others are actively deploying the ASR 9000 as the foundation for their edge networks, including Verizon Wireless. DT senior executive vice president Wolfgang Schmitz talks about using the ASR 9000 to simplify the company’s networks and facilitate its video services. Light Reading’s Craig Matsumoto covered the ASR 9000’s recent momentum this week.

Cisco Recognized as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies

Amid a record number of nominations from companies in over 100 countries and 35 industries, Cisco has made Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies list for the second year in a row. Every company is given an EQ score based on the results of a comprehensive survey and is measured against seven categories: Corporate Citizenship and Responsibility; Corporate Governance; Innovation that Contributes to the Public Well Being; Industry leadership; Executive Leadership and Tone from the Top; Legal, Regulatory and Reputation Track Record; and Internal Systems and Ethics/Compliance Program.We are proud that Cisco has earned this esteemed recognition and reflects our ongoing commitment to ethical practices and transparency.