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5 Predictions for the Future of Collaboration – #4

Here is my fourth prediction regarding the future of collaboration.Prediction #1.Prediction #2.Prediction #3.Prediction #5.Prediction 4: Organizations without boundaries will drive the next wave of productivityThis prediction is rooted in the fact that business processes must extend beyond corporate firewalls. That means they must encompass people outside the company as readily as they do people inside the four walls. Consider Procter & Gamble, which put a public stake in the ground that over 50% of their products are created or impacted by crowd-sourcing. In many ways, the manufacturing industry has led the charge in driving inter-company collaboration ― operating seamlessly with partners, suppliers and customers. Now, other industries are poised to do the same, and it will result in tremendous value on all levels: operational, product/service, business model. Ultimately we’re going to progress even further — from inter-company collaboration to the boundaryless organization. At that point, ANYONE that is relevant can be included in your business processes via a trusted inter-company network. In this long-term vision, the expertise and content you need will proactively find you, instead of the onus being on you to find them.

Urban EcoMap Introduced by Cisco with San FranCISCO

As part of Earth Day, Cisco and the City and County of San Francisco (our namesake!!) today announced Urban EcoMap, an Internet-based tool that enables cities around the world to provide smarter climate change information for their citizens. For the first time, Urban EcoMap gives every person the ability to see the collective results of individual climate change actions, while also motivating people to make responsible environmental choices and creating competition among neighborhoods to reduce their carbon footprint. Urban EcoMap provides information on carbon emissions from transportation, energy and waste among neighborhoods, organized by ZIP codes. In this video, Cisco’s Kathy O’Connell interviews San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom about Urban EcoMap and what it can mean for the citizens individually and for cities collectively. More on Cisco and “Green” here.San Francisco Chronicle story on Urban EcoMap.

5 Predictions for the Future of Collaboration – #3

Here is my third prediction regarding the future of collaboration:Prediction #1.Prediction #2.Prediction #4.Prediction #5.Prediction 3: Innovation will be redefined by Operational ExcellenceThere is a long-standing debate about what drives long term success: Is it innovation OR Operational Excellence? Traditionally we viewed this as an either-or proposition, and most companies have taken pride in being really good at one or the other.What we hear from most CEOs, CTOs and CIOs is that we need to do both — especially during the current economic downturn. We no longer have the luxury of choosing one vs. the other.Collaboration is a critical element that allows enterprises to combine operational excellence and innovation. Case in point: At Cisco we now have 28 corporate priorities we are driving, many of which we believe will turn into billion dollar growth opportunities for the company. It’s inconceivable to try to innovate on 28 priorities without having operational discipline and metrics to manage that. Read More »

5 Predictions for the Future of Collaboration

How many of you use Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Do you believe that your ideas get stronger when you share them with others? Collaboration enables us to connect with experts and people with like-minded interests.The tools we use to link people, information and communities are evolving at lightening speed. That’s especially true in these turbulent economic times, as organizations aim to do more with less. Business leaders and IT decision-makers alike recognize that collaboration is a way to boost productivity and gain competitive advantage within tight budget constraints.Given the rapid pace of change and our industry leadership, what is Cisco’s vision for Collaboration?Well in the spirit of Collaboration, I want to share my ideas with you! Throughout the week I will post my top “predictions” for the future of Collaboration. I am looking forward to hearing back from you, as we build this vision together.Prediction #1Collaboration Networks will be to Enterprises what Social Networks are to Consumers Read More »

Security: Covering All Bases and Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball

Baseball season is in full swing now (pardon the pun), and I can’t help drawing comparisons with smart game management and smart business management—especially in the security arena. With baseball, it’s really about making sure you have defenses fanned out across the playing field and have the right positions in play, while taking advantage of every opportunity to get ahead. Isn’t that what we do all the time in business? But, the difference between winning and losing in security is significant. The stakes are high. Read More »