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America’s Continued Lead in Innovation Requires Fixes to Flaws in Patent System

This week, in a remarkable speech to the National Academy of Sciences, President Obama laid out a bold vision for America to maintain its global lead in innovation. In his remarks, the President said, “Scientific innovation offers us a chance to achieve prosperity. It has offered us benefits that have improved our health and our lives — improvements we take too easily for granted.”I could not agree more that America can’t take innovation for granted. One of the most important ways we can ensure continued U.S. scientific leadership is to make needed reforms to our patent system. I had the honor of testifying today at a hearing of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee in favor of the Patent Reform Act of 2009 (HR 1260). My basic message was this: At a time when we must do everything possible to stimulate economic growth and job creation, the flaws in our patent law drain resources away from research and job creation, and toward unjustified patent suits. The longer we wait to address these widely acknowledged problems, the more we will sap the innovation and job creation potential of the tech industry. Read More »

Thank You Note to Cisco Customers

My two year old son and I walk to the mailbox to get the mail every evening. He loves it. And, of course, he is a big help. “Hold mail, hold mail, hold mail” he says as he walks to the front door spilling much of the mail along the way. Yesterday, we were doing this little chore and there was a hand-written note addressed to my wife…this stood out, because usually it is bills, flyers and magazines.The note it turns out was a personal, hand-written thank you card from an associate at Brooks Brothers, where my wife bought a suit over the weekend. I thought this was extraordinarily high-touch and very, very cool. At Cisco, we LOVE our customers…and while I cannot write a personal thank you note to each customer, I thought I would write a collective one in this space.Dear valued Cisco customer: Read More »

“Bring Back the Housecall…Virtually”

Very timely opinion article in our hometown San Jose Mercury News by Cisco’s own Dr. Kaveh Savafi. He argues for inserting more technology into the healthcare system and for bringing back the housecall via TelePresence in the home.He states, in part:

All it takes is a visit to your local doctor to know that, as a society, we have much to do to bring health care into the 21st century. We can stream movies, share our family photos and videos, and purchase just about anything online, but in most doctors’ offices a clipboard passes for technology.We need to modernize our health care system by embracing a different model — a transformational health care environment. Doctors shouldn’t be confined to an office with a backed-up waiting room. We need to bring back the house call, but this time virtually through two-way, real-time video.

Read the the full piece here.

Cisco #1 Websites for Customers and Media!

Once again, Cisco is proud to have been recognized by Bowen Craggs (in a collaborative project with the Financial Times) as the #1 corporate news site serving mediaand #1 for serving customers.As I said last year when we also were recognized as #1 in both of these categories:

I’m obviously very happy that my colleagues on the News@Cisco team got the recognition for serving the media, however from a Cisco shareholder perspective I’m very pleased that we are #1 for serving customers.

The survey was conducted by Bowen Craggs, a corporate website advisory firm that benchmarks company websites.In the following video, Jeanette Gibson, Director of New Media, thanks Bowen Craggs and the FT for the recognition and talks about our philosophy of making the site a place to interact with Cisco through blogs, twitter, facebook and more.

This is my first video shot on my new Flip Mino HD Video camera. Waddyathink?

5 Predictions for the Future of Collaboration – #5

Here is my fifth (and final) prediction regarding the future of collaboration.Prediction #1.Prediction #2.Prediction #3.Prediction #4.Prediction 5: Information Technology will evolve into Information FabricA recent report from Deloitte talks about “Cognitive Overload.” They estimate that the amount of worldwide information doubles every 18 months, and corporate files double every 3.5 years. More than 35 billion e-mails are sent each day! Combine that with IM, SMS, phone calls, meetings and we it becomes clear why we have an information overload.Various studies have demonstrated that too much unsorted information is worse than having not enough information. Add to that the stress of decision-making amid uncertainty and constant change. Never before in history have we faced the daunting task of making sense of such massive amounts of data. Read More »