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Tesla and Fox Business News at Cisco

Gary Kaye, Fox Business Network, shows off his borrowed Tesla on Cisco’s campus today. Fox will be broadcasting LIVE from Cisco’s campus all day on June 10th and interviewing Cisco executives and other Silicon Valley peeps, including, I’m told, from Tesla.

Happy 5th Birthday, CRS-1

When CRS-1 was introduced in May 2004, most industry observers felt the market would never need the routers scalability and intelligence. Five years later, Internet traffic has increased eight-fold, and CRS-1 continues to serve as the foundation of the most advanced telecommunications networks in the world. In all, Cisco has shipped 3,200 CRS-1 units, to over 300 customers, in over 40 countries, on every continent in the world with the exception of Antarctica. South Pole, here we come! Tony Bates, SVP and GM of the Cisco Service Provider Group, shares the journey of managing the development of the Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System, on the five-year anniversary of the product.

Cisco’s Collaboration Imperative: The Next Market Adjacency

In a recent Q&A our Chairman and CEO John Chambers reflected on Cisco’s future growth, sharing a “Back to the Future” moment with the financial and industry analyst community:

“We believe that we are very well positioned in the industry from a vision, differentiated strategy, and execution perspective. We believe we are entering the next phase of the Internet as growth and productivity will center on collaboration enabled by networked Web 2.0 technologies. We are going to attempt to execute a strategy over the next decade that is similar to what we did in the early 90s and as we’ve said before, it powered our growth for the next decade.”

During the first wave the Internet, Cisco capitalized on an Internet Business Solutions model powered by our own networking technologies. This second wave, a new business and operating model powered by our collaborative technologies, is driving our next growth push, allowing us to enter a range of new market adjacencies. Our movement into the emerging collaboration technology market comes with the same focus and conviction as our 10-year push into Unified Communications market, where we went from niche entrant building gateways to save transport costs to the market leader in a diversified and highly competitive marketplace. Thus it might be worthwhile to review some key milestones in the critical technology segments that underpin communications and collaboration. Read More »

Education and ICT in the Middle East

We had the opportunity to participate in the WEF regional summit for the Middle East in Dead Sea, Jordan (422 meters below sea level and the lowest point on the surface of earth on dry land). The three-day meeting was held under the theme “Implications of the Global Economic Crisis for the Middle East: Home-grown Strategies for Success”. During May 15-17, more than 1,400 leaders from 85 countries, from businesses, government, media and civil society gather to discuss the economic crisis and the future of the region.This time the agenda placed a special focus on how technology can help the region to grow and become more competitive and how to improve education for the growing young population, the largest in the Middle East’s history. Today, 65% of the Arab world’s population is under the age of 25.And perhaps this, the future of the young population, was at the end the central point of the event. At every session whether it was about finance, security, geopolitics or economic growth, the big looming concern at the conference was the fact that there will be an estimated 100 million youth in the next 15 years entering the Middle East job market and up to 200 million by year 2050. Read More »

Cisco: Best of Interop Awards 2009

Prashanth Shenoy and Tugba Goksel of Cisco discuss the three awards Cicso won at Interop 2009. Cisco EnergyWise, WebEx Node and Unified Computing Systems. Learn more about how these products and solutions tie in to Cisco’s theme of “Redefining Innovation, and Igniting your Business” at Interop 2009. Find out how EnergyWise and Webex Node can help our customers save energy costs and increase productivity.