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WebEx Added to Smartphones at Mobile World Congress

Cisco WebEx became more useful than ever this week with the news that it was being extended to work with a range of business smartphones. The announcement, at Mobile World Congress, means users will be able to join Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Web and audio conferences on smartphones including the BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm from RIM, the Nokia Eseries and Nseries phones, and the Samsung Blackjack II.To use, you just launch Cisco WebEx Meeting Center through your smartphone browser and you get integrated audio and Web conferencing over 3G or a combination of 2G and Wi-Fi. You can join scheduled meetings and view presentations, applications and desktops with live annotations.There is also a nice function on WebEx whereby a host can send meeting invites via Short Message Service and a recipient can join simply by texting ‘1’ back. Cisco WebEx smartphone support starts in April this year. Cisco @ Mobile World Congress.

USAToday: Boom or Bust for Silicon Valley Companies

Jon Swartz of USAToday writes, “It’s boom - and bust - for Silicon Valley companies these days. Literally.”He continues: “Already, a few established companies with ample cash reserves are bolstering war chests that will help them snap up innovative start-ups. Cisco Systems has $29.5 billion in cash reserves and last week sold $4 billion more in bonds.””This is the biggest challenge of our lifetime,” Cisco’s (Chairman and CEO) Chambers says. “The question is, do we take the opportunity and come out significantly better? I think our country, and the tech industry, will.”Read full story here.

Cisco’s Digital Cribs Film Contest

I had the pleasure of being a judge last week at Cisco’s Digital Cribs contest in New York City. The event took place at the Tribecca Theater where eight short imagefilms were premiered. These films were the result of a contest created by Cisco to challenge the creativity of NYU film and business students. The goal was to create a short film that told a story of how technology is being used in new and innovative ways. They were extremely creative and very well done and I hated the fact that I was one of the three judges determining the winner. I thought this gig would be a walk in the park …but it wasn’t. After viewing the Digital Cribs videos several times at home prior to the contest, a few favorites emerged but I was having a hard time picking just one. Read More »

Cisco Recognized in Top Five of World’s Most Innovative Companies

Friday the 13th? Unlucky? Not always it seems! Cisco was fortunate enough to be recognized today as one of Fast Company magazine’s Top Five Most Innovative Companies.In introducing this years “Fast 50″, editor-in-chief, Bob Safian underscores his editorial team believes innovation is more important now than it has ever been: “Only creativity and aggressive innovation — in the face of hardship and layoffs and seriously tough choices — will fuel a turnaround.” he says.image Read More »

VIDEO: Wim Elfrink on Intelligent Urbanisation

In this video, Wim Elfrink, Chief Globalisation Officer and EVP, Cisco Services, announces the launch of ‘Intelligent Urbanisation’, a global initiative to help cities around the world use the network as the platform to become more intelligent and sustainable. With 500 million people getting urbanised over the next five years and 100 new one million-plus cities being built by 2025, urbanization is impacting citizens, governments, industries and above all the environment. Today the 20 most populous cities alone are responsible for 75 percent of the planet’s energy consumption. And the ability to sustainably balance social, economic and environmental resources is more urgent than ever before. Cities that run on information, however, will be able to transform the quality of life for citizens, drive economic growth and improve city services and management. Bringing together a broad portfolio of products, services, partners and solutions across Cisco, the Intelligent Urbanisation initiative is initially focused on intelligent, sustainable security, transportation, buildings, energy, healthcare and education -essentially the build out of a new ecosystem. We see this as a major global market transition being driven and enabled by the network; and we intend to be the leader of this emerging industry.