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John Chambers: “The Way to Communicate is Video” video interview with Cisco CEO John Chambers talking about how he uses his Flip video camera. “Video is the future of communications.”

Snapshot of Cisco Keynote at EMC Inform Conference in Sydney

Hear a snapshot of the keynote Kevin Bloch, Cisco CTO of Australia and New Zealand, presented at EMC Inform in Sydney filmed on the go on a Flip Video. Not only will you hear about the value our partnership with EMC and VMware brings to customers, you will also hear about the findings of a recent Goldman Sachs survey of Fortune 1000 customers and their interest in the Cisco Unified Computing System.

Dow Jones Indexes Editor on “Why Cisco?”

Interesting video on with Dow Jones Indexes Editor/Executive Director John Prestbo who tells WSJ’s Matt Phillips the reasons Cisco is now listed on the Dow.As I watched it, I thought: this video is actually one of the reasons we’re now listed on the Dow. Video is becoming more and more important in communication and we are at the center of this. Clearly, video use will grow with or without Cisco, but we certainly hope to be a part of that growth. In this video Mr. Prestbo states that Cisco, the internet and networking is the “21st Century version of automobiles…having the same kind of effect on American culture as automobiles did in the 20th Century.”Full video here:Cisco statement on inclusion in the Dow is here.

The Evolution of Cisco’s Data Center Strategy

For the past year, we at Cisco have been altering the way businesses think about and approach their data centers. But for a much longer period of time, those same businesses have faced growing challenges. The to-do list is long and difficult to check off instantly. Manage complexity, reduce operational expenses, account for energy conservation amid rising energy costs, optimize utilization of infrastructure assets, make the business and its employees more agile and protected.A bad dream? I tend to call it a forcing function — for vendors, partners, and customers alike. These challenges are driving a market transition that we are all witnessing. We are seeing an industry movement — make that an industry demand — toward removing cost constraints and complexity that for years have characterized data centers. I believe strongly that we are on the right path. From complexity to simplicity, rigidity to flexibility, isolation to shared infrastructures, power-hungry to power-efficient, siloed IT teams to transparent organizations, and discreet to integrated platforms — the next-generation data center won’t be as disjointed or sedentary. With unified computing and virtualization, data centers will be more scalable and agile. Read More »

Cisco Statement on Inclusion in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Cisco is honored to be included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. We believe our inclusion in the Dow demonstrates not only Cisco’s role as a broad technology indicator, but how remarkably the Internet and networking have transformed the way businesses and consumers connect, communicate and collaborate.