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VIDEO: Cisco and AEG Score with Sports Summit

In this video, Ron Ricci, VP Corporate Positioning and Co-Chair Cisco Sports & Entertainment Board, discusses the 2009 Cisco Sports and Entertainment Summit presented by AEG, held this week at L.A. LIVE’s Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. You recognize AEG as the world’s leading sports and entertainment venue owner and operator, and most notably for their venues, including: STAPLES Center, The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and The 02 London. The summit attracted nearly 125 attendees, from league commissioners and executives, team owners and management, and leading venue owners, operators, design architects and engineers. They all convened to hear John Chambers, Cisco’s chairman and CEO, along with Timothy J. Leiweke, president and CEO of AEG, present their vision for addressing key market opportunities and innovations in the sports and entertainment industry. Ron shares his thoughts on the success of the summit and a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the conversations team owners, venue operators are having about the key technology transitions that have the potential to change the game and redefine the fan experience.

Cisco & Accenture Collaborate to Aid CIOs With Their Balancing Act

Post by Nick Earle, senior vice president of Cisco Services, European MarketsA few weeks ago, I sat down with five CIOs of leading German companies. All from different industries with drastically different business challenges, but all intent on one thing, help me drive down costs — today!There is not a single enterprise at the moment which isn’t examining every aspect of its operations to see where improvements can be made. While cutting operating costs is a primary objective for many businesses today—in my opinion—the key to success in the face of a challenging market is about equally driving efficiency and embracing innovation that can meet the needs of customers over the long-term. Developments in technology means that CIOs also have a huge opportunity to radically change the way their businesses are managed and can innovate for years to come.Take social networking and collaborative technologies as an example. They are enabling enterprises to harness information, ideas and establish new business models from outside the company—breaking down the traditional barriers to resources. Read More »

The $100 Billion Collaboration Stimulus Plan of 2009 – Part 1

“Can you come to a meeting right now.” 
”No, it’s almost lunch time. If I miss lunch my day will be 12 hours of uninterrupted misery.” – The Boss and DilbertInspiration hits you at unusual times. I was standing in front of the Cisco Telepresence Experience at the NBA All Star game last weekend (February 7-8) — watching a long line of fans stand in line to have virtual face-to-face meetings with players like Steve Nash and Kevin Durant, or chat with local sportscasters engaging them in trivia contests — when I realized this inspiring experience was enabling a once in a lifetime opportunity for the 900+ people who queued up for the opportunity. They could get closer to an NBA player than they ever imagined. Imagine meeting with your CEO or your customer’s?The best-known justifications for Telepresence are reductions in travel expenses and time lost in transit. But the singular benefit of this technology is the meeting experience itself; that is, the full engagement employees bring to these meetings. If reduced travel time and expense is the locomotive, engagement is the freight of the Telepresence train. Contrast this with the plethora of meetings you attend on a daily basis. How many of the meetings you attend would you classify as inspiring? How many would you call productive? Or fun? Read More »

VIDEO: Jefferson Parish (LA) School System Rethinks Education Post-Katrina

21S is a Cisco initiative that was initially launched to improve educational practices and learning outcomes in several Mississippi and Louisiana school districts that were affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 21S site states: “Imagine a school where technology is an integral part of everyday learning and where eager, young minds can tap into the world’s vast reservoir of knowledge right from their classrooms.”In this video, we see representatives from the Jefferson Parish Public School System (New Orleans Metro Area, Louisiana, USA) talking about technology integration into classrooms and its impact on education.

Cisco makes the case for WiMAX at Mobile World Congress

There is a big buzz at Mobile World Congress this year around Long Term Evolution (LTE) radio area networks. This is a radio access technology which Cisco fully supports and which promises to bring much greater speed and bandwidth to mobile networks. Hang on, though. This is pretty much what was promised with WiMAX last year. So what has happened to 2008’s great hope for high-speed mobile access? To help clarify the issue, Brett Galloway, Senior Vice President for the Wireless and Security Technology Group at Cisco sat in on a round table hosted by Intel. And the answer, it would seem, is that both have a bright future-┬Łalthough possibly not at the same time.According to the panel, LTE is still about five years away from production deployment. Read More »