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Fox Business News Interviews on Cisco Consumer and Health Care

Fox Business News was on Cisco campus all day today and anchor Liz Claman (@lizclaman on Twitter) interviewed Cisco CEO John Chambers; SVP, Corporate Development and Consumer, Ned Hooper; and Dr. Pam Hymel, Senior Director, Corporate Medical Programs.In her conversation with Hooper, she focuses on the consumer electronics market (a la The Flip video camera, Linksys by Cisco) as well as where some next acquisitions may come.Dr. Hymel talks about Cisco’s LifeConnections Center and how we deliver health care to our employees and how technology can make health care more efficient. Read More »

The Video Game Changer in Communications and Collaboration

In my recent blog entry Cisco’s Collaboration Imperative, I reflected on why collaboration was a natural adjacency for Cisco. Over the past 8 years, as documented recently in Fast Company, we have evolved our operating model to be the sine qua non of collaboration in terms of operational excellence, innovation, and culture. In this post, I want to highlight the key underpinning of our collaboration leadership beachhead: our architectural approach. This architectural approach is evident across all of Cisco’s technologies that support collaboration as well as business video.In communications and collaboration, video, combined with voice and data, is a game changer; clearly HP and Microsoft both have recently concluded to be successful in this area that the network matters. A collaboration solution that lacks the ability to link the rich services of the network to its applications is the equivalent of one hand clapping.Visual NetworkingAs noted in Paul Lester’s seminal study, we now understand that tone, inflection and facial expressions account for 93 percent of the message in communications. Lester cites NYU educational psychologist Jerome Bruner in showing that people remember 30 percent of what they read, but about 80 percent of what they see. Read More »

If It Can Be Connected To The Network, It Can Be Greener

The world is changing before our eyes at a pace never seen before. Demographic shifts and 500 million people being urbanised over the next five years mean that we are facing a new set of challenges. Even as governments grapple with traffic congestions in cities in most parts of the world, governments are also planning and building entire cities from the ground. I see this as a great opportunity for us to completely change the way things have been done. As we celebrate World Environment Day today, I’m really excited about the huge role technology has to play in helping address the world’s environmental challenges. Enabling technologies such as video, virtualization and unified communications are helping reduce the amount of energy we consume and our need to travel, enabling us to live a more efficient and sustainable lifestyle. We envision that the same principles of openness, that have made the Internet a thriving ecosystem over the past 20 years, can be applied to make communities a smarter and connected platform for people, products, services and information. Cisco’s vision is for the power of technology to transform how the world manages its environmental and energy challenges. Everything connected to the network can be greener with Cisco. Through our Smart+Connected Communities initiative, we believe that the network can be the platform for transforming communities, cities and countries.

Mohsen Moazami on Investing in Russia

During the St. Petersburg Economic Forum in Russia this week, Cisco’s VP of Internet Business Solutions Group, Mohsen Moazami, gave his perspective on the need to build broadband infrastructure to support continued development of the Russian economy and outlined Cisco’s commitment to investing in Russia.

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John Chambers: “The Way to Communicate is Video” video interview with Cisco CEO John Chambers talking about how he uses his Flip video camera. “Video is the future of communications.”