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The Future of Work & Collaboration

According to Cisco’s Connected World Technology Report, the future of work will be more flexible and collaborative than ever before. In this two-part blog series, Rowan Trollope, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group, explores how the IT and business landscape is changing based on this new research and how organizations can prepare.

While no one can predict the future, it’s certain that technical innovations are certain to change just about every facet of our lives – including how we work.

In a time when connectivity and mobility are expected to have exponential growth, one must consider the future of work and how the workplace will evolve to become more flexible and collaborative thanks to these technical innovations.

Consider these findings from the latest research in Cisco’s 2014 Connected World Technology Report:

  • More than half of professionals consider themselves accessible for work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including 3 in 10 who are accessible by both email and phone.
    • Roughly one quarter of professionals are employed at an organization that allows them to work from home.
    • About half of Gen X and Gen Y professionals feel their organization’s HR department is adjusting to enable a more mobile, flexible work style for its employees; though nearly one third feel it is not doing so quickly enough.

As connectivity and collaboration become more pervasive, it’s time for organizational leaders to consider how to thrive in a changing workplace based on new expectations, behaviors, and preferences from employees and customers alike.

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Cisco IT Gives Back

Just last week Cisco IT leaders came together to discuss priorities and strengthen alignment with the goal to accelerate our success in FY15.   We also used this time to celebrate the outstanding achievements of some top performers, and most importantly, to give back to the community.

When these 500 IT leaders come together, one thing is true, we are a force!  Representing 30 countries globally, we are united and passionate when it comes to our commitment to community service.  With so many recommendations to consider, we have to take a vote to narrow down the number of charities we will focus on as a team.

Together, we wanted to underscore our commitment to educators in our community, as well as to help those who simply need a helping hand in finding permanent housing.  With those criteria, this year we selected two deserving Bay Area organizations, Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT) and Home First. Read More »

Celebrating Innovation at Cisco

If I could sum up last week in one word for Cisco it would be:  impressive!  Earlier in the week, the Boston Consulting Group released their rankings of the world’s most innovative companies for 2014 and Cisco jumped to #14, up from #46 the previous year.

Pankaj post

Source: Boston Consulting Group

In their report, The Boston Consulting Group simply states, “Innovation is hard.”  “Breakthrough innovation is harder.”  I couldn’t agree more.  We have celebrated many breakthrough innovations that have dramatically redefined the way we live, learn, work and play over the years at Cisco and this year was no exception.

We celebrated some of the year’s best innovations at the 16th annual Pioneer Awards last week. We have a long history of celebrating the prestigious finalists and winners, who are respected for their disruptive innovation, risk taking and ability to grow Cisco’s business.

I am truly in awe by the level of talent and passion I see from our employees around the world at Cisco, year after year and this year was no exception.   Our engineers are constantly redefining our extensive technology portfolio as well as driving disruptive innovation.   This year I am especially proud because we have multiple-year Pioneer Award winners and 3 of the awards are in the areas of automation, virtualization and cloud; all areas of thought leadership which are fueling Cisco’s growth and helps address and solve our customers’ complex business problems.

The four categories that the finalists are evaluated on are Core Technology, Product Innovation, Productivity Solution and Value Engineering.

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Enterprise Cloud Service Brokerage—A New Identity for IT, CIOs

As enterprise cloud use expands rapidly to include public, private, and hybrid clouds, CIOs need to evolve their IT business model and become enterprise cloud service brokerage (CSBs).

A cloud service brokerage, as defined by Gartner Group, is “an IT role and business model in which a company or other entity adds value to one or more (public or private) cloud services on behalf of one or more consumers of that service.” Gartner recently challenged CIOs to explore how they should position themselves as CSBs within the enterprise by “establishing a purchasing process that accommodates cloud adoption, and encourages business units to come to the IT organization for advice and support.”

Why not just bring in an outside organization to manage cloud vendors? Indeed, many new companies have sprung up recently to help IT departments procure their cloud services. However, as a recent CIO Magazine article points, “it remains IT’s responsibility to make sure that cloud-based services used by the enterprise comply with enterprise governance, security, and compliance policies while minimizing enterprise risks, and efficiently brokering the right cloud services is increasingly essential in multi-cloud environments.”

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Play Ball! Giants vs. Royals Game 7: Last Game of First Live-Streamed World Series

Cisco technology helps enable first live streams of World Series action

With the World Series wrapping up with game seven tonight and a new champion to be crowned, it’s a great time to reflect on the game and its impact on fans.

Baseball is much more than a game in America.  For well over 150 years, the sport has been woven into the fabric of our cities, neighborhoods, families and culture. For millions like me, the World Series has produced memories that last a lifetime. Every October, I reflect on the heartbreak I suffered in 1985 when my beloved St. Louis Cardinals blew a 3 games to 1 lead to the Kansas City Royals.

And all along, Major League Baseball has used technology to make the fall classic available to as many fans as possible.

The 1921 World Series between the New York Giants and Yankees was the first World Series to be broadcast on radio. The 1947 World Series was the first to be televised, and the 1955 World Series was the first televised in color.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 1.27.54 PM

Now, another first in 2014, as large numbers of fans have been watching the first live streams of World Series action, representing a milestone in Major League Baseball broadcast delivery and allowing fans to watch on the go with an MLB.TV subscription. Each Giants-Royals game televised by FOX in the 110th Fall Classic is also available live online and via mobile to existing MLB.TV subscribers at no additional cost.

For the first time in the history of baseball, Read More »

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