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As NXTcomm 2007 begins here in Chicago (June 18-21), many attendees will be searching for”the next big thing” to help sustain the growth and profitability that the global service provider market has enjoyed throughout FY07. While compelling applications like IPTV and TelePresence continue to gain greater subscriber adoption, the next big thing may lie in the”little things” that customers are able to do with these and other services-personalize them.From Cisco’s perspective, service personalization allows residential and business subscribers to tailor offerings to meet their unique individual interests or corporate needs. Customization can encompass a wide array of options-services on-demand, content preferences, buddy lists, quality of experience (i.e., standard- or high-definition) and much more. As we’re demonstrating in our Cisco booth (# 4851),”The Connected Life” means that personalized services are always available and accessible everywhere a subscriber goes. NXTcomm’s event organizers understand the value and importance of personalization. Attendees will have an opportunity to use”myNXTcomm“-an automated web-based service that gathers solutions, contacts and resources and personalizes them for the NXTcomm community.I look forward to sharing my”personal” NXTcomm 2007 insights with you throughout the week and I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas to this blog as well.The Connected Life: at home, at work, and on the moveSee a Pre-show tour of the Cisco booth at NXTcomm with Doug WebsterDuration: 3 min. 12 sec.

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