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Introducing the Foundation for Next-Generation Internet: The Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System

- March 9, 2010 - 47 Comments

We’re proud to announce the foundation for the Next-Generation Internet: The Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System.  This advanced platform is designed to deliver a new wave of video, mobile and data center/cloud services.  

Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing SystemSome stats on the CRS-3:

  • The Cisco CRS-3 triples the capacity of its predecessor, the Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System, with up to 322 Terabits per second,
  • This enables the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress to be downloaded in just over one second; and
  • Every man, woman and child in China to make a video call, simultaneously; and
  • Every motion picture ever created to be streamed in less than four minutes.


View our Chairman and CEO, John Chambers, talking about the CRS-3:


Video on CRS-3: foundation for next-generation internet.


Data sheet and more info on CRS-3.

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  1. This is amazing. It's been all over twitter. The tweets coming from everyone I follow. Leave it to Cisco to push the boundaries!

  2. Congrats for introducing the Cisco CRS-3...A great achievement indeed!

  3. Hi,It looks great and I think I need one ! Very impressive.

  4. What? 322 Terabits per second? I can't wait to see how these system could change the internet and mobile industry! wow!

  5. Waaaaay overhyped by your marketing folks.

  6. cisco doing great! , i heared that cisco will sell it for $90000 and up as cisco invested 1.6 bILLION USD in CRS family said Pankaj Patel. Really Great News for the shareholders hehe..

  7. cisco is growing very big.

  8. My concern is what the cost of the next internet will look like. I currently use Comcast and it's not that spectacular - it certainly doesn't feel like I get the speeds they advertise.So I wonder if / when the internet gets even faster and we're able to download HD movies in seconds how much will it cost?

  9. And suddenly the terabyte is becaming small. Better getting used with petabytes. Wonderful machine !

  10. As with any new technology, the description is so important to people's comprehension of it's magnitude. If you would have only said 322 tb/sec, most people would not have really been able to visualize that amount of raw data. However, with the added example involving China, the library of Congress, and movies, that is just impressive!

  11. This platform can be very useful in big businesses. Since its more advanced, new-high quality features are offered with this.

  12. 322 Terabits per second? Wow.Well done Cisco.

  13. Wow, that's fast! Nice work Cisco! Keep it up!

  14. What? 322 Terabits per second? I can’t wait to see how these system could change the internet and mobile industry! wow!

  15. first of all, congrats 2 cisco on the achievement...Hopefully this will be multichassis, any one aware how many rack it will take

  16. I love reading about the next ig thing"" in technology. Every motion picture streamed in 4 minutes? That just blows my mind!"

  17. I've read a few articles detailing how we as a society will not be able to keep up with all the video and other media bandwidth demands. I'm really looking forward to see what the CRS-3 will do for the Internet as a whole. I'm all for anything to make the Internet faster and more responsive for the future. Especially within the US which I think is slightly lagging behind other countries in the world.

  18. Wow, 322T/s, can it be higher?? Astonishing.. Interesting article.. I did know that cisco is number one in this area but didn't know that technology has advanced so much.

  19. It's a great achievement by cisco to introduce CRS-3. And also a milestone in the internet world. Definitely increases the speed and quality for the netusers as the usage increases day-by-day.

  20. When the Library Of Congress is on your side, you know you have a good product! Nice work.

  21. It would suit big business to use this platform but we need something for the small guys like myself.

  22. Was there a CRS-2 sometime in the last couple years that I missed?

  23. Excellent!!Yes, The Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System is now Cisco's most powerful offering aimed at the biggest players in networking. It's three times as powerful as its predecessor, the CRS-1, and, the company says, 12 times as powerful as its closest competitor.

  24. This looks pretty great, but as some of the other comments have mentioned it is so hyped I wonder whether it can live up to it?

  25. Awesome work Cisco! Love the stuff you guys have been doing recently.All the bestJames

  26. Phew. Now that is one powerhouse. Surely though the bottlenecks lie in the remainder of the system. Until we see improvements in the rest of the modern world giving broadband to all, the full potential will be wasted.

  27. ...will enable every man, woman and child in China to make a video call, simultaneously"" - that's a lot of information to be processed in a very short period of time - Cisco rocks. It seems technology is evolving so fast and we really need to learn how to keep up with it.Respect!"

  28. This is very impressive. One of the frustrations that I have with the internet is how slow it can run. But with this new technology the internet will run at lightening speeds.

  29. China is a big market so Kudos to Cisco for coming up with another great product!

  30. Fully agree with Rafal Los: These high speeds remind me of the inevitable bottlencks at the highways entering our cities. A pleasure to see your right foot taking your car to 130 kms/h, only to slow down for a hour or so before you join the normal traffic near your home. Improving broadband access to our homes would make us feel much more comfortable, too.Regards,Federico

  31. It's nice to know that Cisco is thinking about the capacity of the internet backbones, and making it viable within their equipment to be able to reach such high bandwidth figures, but the fact of the matter is, it's typically the 'last mile' in which speed is goverened to a typical residential user, whether that us based on DSL attentuation etc, or carrier limiting.

  32. @DGentryThe CRS-3 was named as such because it provides 3x capacity over its predecessor, CRS-1.

  33. This is really the foundation of the Next-Generation internet! A great achievement of the Cisco...322 Terabits per second! Amazing!

  34. Incredible technology, if only someone could persuade cable TV providers to get on board with the internets"" As soon as a fully functioning cable provider launches services online it will send a message to current cable monopolies like Time Warner that consumers dont want to pay $100 a month to be force fed commercials."

  35. Wow, with this new technlogy in two or three years the changes in internet could be incredible!Faster and with new powerful services imposible right now due to low speed conections...It's time to dream...

  36. We are extremely excited to see how this speed will effect website optimization and marketing due to the emphasis on rewarding high quality content on fast loading sites. Congrats on your momentous accomplishment!

  37. An incredible technological feat. I hope that Cisco will continue to innovate like this so that the net stays fast. Super high-def 3D interactive entertainment for all!

  38. Thanks Jim that is nice to know. It seems like only a few years ago people were raving about the terabyte. Now we can process hundreds of them a second....

  39. wow! 322 Terabits per second,What's coming?

  40. Wow, looks like a big upgrade. I liked the China example... makes it look really massive!!

  41. Hello to All,I am truly amazed at the great things your company is doing to improve services. Keep up the good work.Thanks, Melissa

  42. Most impressive!

  43. Looks like some really nice equipment for the next generation of the Internet. Anything that makes my internet connection faster is something I'm for 100%. I wonder if we are going to stop using its"" and start using ""bytes"" when it comes to transfer speeds. It seems that the massive speed increases are expanding the gap between the two types."

  44. Hi Jim,I thought I did a pretty good blog on the Cisco CRS-3:Wall Street's take on the new Cisco CRS-3 router

  45. Too much expectation set for the product launch. Deliverable did not match the marketing.

  46. cisco doing great! , i heared that cisco will sell it for $90000 and up as cisco invested 1.6 bILLION USD in CRS family said Pankaj Patel. Really Great News for the shareholders hehe..""their stock price reflects this as well"

  47. Can't wait to see what kind of tech we have in 10 years. The last few years have drastically improved the internet user experience and I am excited about the future.