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Community Math: Multiplying Employee Power to Fight Global Hunger

- February 28, 2012 - 25 Comments

Cisco’s 63,000 employees live and work in hundreds of cities globally. No matter where we are, we’re committed to using our expertise and conducting our business in a way that ultimately benefits our communities. That’s core to our culture. Our 2011 Global Hunger Relief Campaign, which just closed, raised a record $4.1 million. It’s a vital example of the power that arises when employees take action and leverage networks – both human and technology – to multiply our impact.

Over two months, our employees donated $1.6 million to more than 130 food agencies through Cisco’s unique global matching gifts IT solution, Community Connection. That tool allowed us to quickly aggregate and approve donations, and disburse matching funds from the Cisco Foundation and Chairman Emeritus John Morgridge’s TOSA Foundation, bringing the total delivered to $4.1 million. Employees also volunteered thousands of hours to food agencies, recording that time in the tool to deliver additional matching funds.

For 15 years, Cisco has united with food agencies to help serve hungry people. Our employees give significant time and expertise, along with corporate product donations, to multiply the impact of each dollar donated. So, although our campaign delivers critical support, it’s only part of a multi-layered community strategy that ensures nonprofits maximize efficiency and scalability by using networking technologies. That’s why, in part, agencies are providing 28 million meals with Cisco’s 2011 campaign proceeds.

When our network of employees connects to a common purpose, impact multiplies. We all can access a network – online or through friends, families and villages – to make extraordinary change. Learn more about Cisco’s work in communities around the world at our new CSR website, launched today.


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  2. Really You All Are Doing Great Job, If I Am Capable Doing The Same Defiantly I Will Also Donate.. I Am Just A Student So Its Not Possible Write Now..

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  4. Its good to know that community welfare is at the core of Cisco's philosophy. Quiet rare because these days businesses are all about making money and that's it. Thanks for the write up.

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  6. I like CISCO, with CISCO we can help those who hunger and hard

  7. that's so great. being a leading company, you guys have decided to fight against hunger. keep it up. World Peace :)

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  9. Thanks for the excellent article! Cisco is doing great work in using resources and people to alleviate hunger.

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  11. Its good to know that community welfare is at the core of Cisco’s philosophy. Quiet rare because these days businesses are all about making money and that’s it. Thanks for the write up.

  12. I make that $26 per employee. That's not to be sniffy because that would have to include ALL 60,000 employees. So with a large percentage of any population contributing nothing, that leaves a pretty high average for those who did help. Well done them and Cisco. That's impressive and heart warming.

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  18. Hello! I liked reading, it should be more countries that are working as you. Perhaps the formation of a global fund so that all countries could be to contribute. It would have been an ideal solution so that more people were helped. Best regards Christian.

  19. Nice! You guys are really making a difference. I wish other companies would follow suit.

  20. Thanks for sharing information. Regards from Indonesian

  21. 4.1 mil is awesome. I'd love to see some other companies get together for a massive worldwide event. If Cisco alone can raise 4.1 mil, I couldn't imagine how much money a team of large companies could raise. I understand that companies like Microsoft, Google and others all have their own specific charity events, but if they all worked together, they could make a huge impact on a single specific goal.

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  23. I like CISCO. With CISCO we can help those who hunger!

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  25. What a wonderful way to work together to do big things! I love when companies harness their power for good. Thank you!