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CNBC: Cisco/GE/FPL Smart Grid in Miami: “Biggest Smart Grid to Date”

CNBC Reports: “With Earth Day just days away, the bosses of General Electric and Cisco Systems talked about their high hopes for a smart grid initiative underway in Miami, which is expected to be a model for roll out across the nation.””Green investing is good for investors, good for our employees, good for our customers,” said GE CEO Jeff Immelt. “Clean affordable energy is going to happen globally. The US is either going to lead or be left behind. I don’t think the administration has the luxury of not focusing on it right now.” “We ought to lead here in America,” said Chambers, calling green technology, an “instant replay” of the Internet.Partnering with the City of Miami, Florida Power & Light and Silver Spring Networks, Cisco and GE announced the initiative today. More information here: press release here.

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