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Cisco@25: Cisco’s Support for Employees, Community and the World

- March 5, 2010 - 52 Comments

As we continue to look at the many interesting and unique employees that shape Cisco and make it the company it is today, our next highlighted employee is Erica Ganz, Executive Assistant to SVP Manny Rivelo. Erica has many great stories during her past three years working at Cisco, but her fondest memory of the company is actually during her first few months. She was only working at Cisco for three months when she found out she was pregnant and that there were complications with her pregnancy. Everyone at Cisco including her direct boss were incredibly supportive, understanding and helped her in anyway they could. Thankfully, the complications were not as serious as they originally thought and Erica’s daughter today is a happy 1 1/2 year old, but Erica will always take away what a tight-knit and family environment Cisco is.

The impact Ganz sees Cisco having in the next 25 years is our “humanitarian expectation and strong positive footprint in helping others.” She cites the recent devasting earthquake in Haiti and how the very next day after the quake happened, Cisco was already developing plans and sending out notices to employees on how they could help with the effort. This support that Cisco gives not only to its employees, but others around the world is something that Ganz sees as making one of the biggest impacts in the future.

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  1. Wow Lindsay,That is a great company to stand by such a new employee like that. I always say that the high turnover rate in many industries isn't due to the employees being indecisive, but the companies not providing their full support. I am sure Erica will be extremely loyal to Cisco and her team for years to come.

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  6. it is very important that the boss to be supportive .because it was,now you have a great employee.congratulations

  7. Nice story, fortunatelly the company gave support to her even as a new employee. Good luck to Erica Ganz !

  8. That is a great testament of a responsive employer.My nephew Eric, asked for a work from home placement for his company which was granted. This allowed the couple to move from California where they could not afford to own a home, to Indiana near Maternal grandparents.The working relationship is going well with his job, and his wife is able now to be a stay at home mom.It has been a win/win situation.

  9. It looks employees are very happy to work at Cisco. Great....

  10. Supportive boss will generally create a good working environment and thus everyone is more productive.

  11. Lindsay,With so many companies having to take away benefits because of the current financial situation, it's nice to see Cisco cares about it's employees, and sees them as more than just a person to do the job. When I was reading your post about the part when Erica found out she was pregnant, I went from oh cool"" (when she found out she was pregnant), to ""oh no"" (when there were initial problems), and finally back to ""oh cool"" (when everyone was shown to be supportive, and everything was fine).Glad to hear Erica and her daughter are doing good, and to learn that Cisco is such a supportive company!"

  12. This kind of behavior with employee shows the company 's good policies and good working environment for us I want to join you.I will definitely try for this one.

  13. I always say that the high turnover rate in many industries isn’t due to the employees being indecisive, but the companies not providing their full support.

  14. It´s so true. Thanks for sharing Lindsay.

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  16. Erica's experience proves that all the employees of Cisco are like a family supporting and helping each other when needed.

  17. Glad to see a large corporation making an effort to give something back. Hope to see this continue in the next 25 :)

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  19. Well with an Encouraging environment great employees will definitely emerge, congrats.

  20. sweet... having nice boss is a dream for everyone...

  21. High turnover rates will indeed harm the bottom line. My industry (insurance) has one of the highest rates. Maybe we should take a look at Cisco for some advice.

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  24. Support also mean gain of trust from the employee. Then the employee will give the best they can do because they happy with great atmosphere at work. Nice read, thanks.

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  27. Very much glad to know the support for the employees..Wish my boss gives me full supportThank you for the share Lindsay

  28. Hi.I love the caring approach, and find that worldwide the swing towards being nice to each other is happening. being a confirmed do-gooder it feels good, and that song awhile ago where she sings orn to late into a world that doesn't care"" proves that my hippie era was still one of the best. ""+)rob"

  29. I think you got lucky, because not all work environments are so relaxing like the one you describe in the video. Congratulations Cisco guys and girls :)

  30. great companies set great standards! That is true with Cisco.

  31. Sounds like a great company. Very nice story Lindsay :)

  32. Great read, thanks for it.

  33. It's great to know that a huge company like Cisco cares so much about its employees and others in need. Big companies are so often portrayed as heartless and uncaring in the media so it's nice to hear a story like this.

  34. congratulations Erica for the featuring in this article. and keep it up

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  36. Its nice to hear of an employer who actually have genuine interest in helping with real world issues and not just the bottom line. Well done cisco.

  37. Wow, I had no clue Cisco was as giving as Erica shares here. It's good to know that not only are they good to people in need, but that this giving spirit extends to their own in-house team. This story shows that Cisco doesn't just give for the publicity. Great job Cisco!

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  48. It's great to see a supportive boss. Good job Cisco!

  49. I feel great about how cisco is working close to its employees and everyone out there. They are a great example of leading corporate institution who is actually responsible and giving something back to the community. Great work :)

  50. To me a working mom is a miracle worker. All she needs is just a little understanding and support. It is so encouraging to see Cisco really understands that. I think companies should run workshops to educate people how to maintain a work-life balance and get most out of their work time. Wish Cisco all the best!

  51. I think you got lucky, because not all work environments are so relaxing like the one you describe in the video. Congratulations Cisco guys and girls