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In the past week and a half or so, because of our suit against Apple for infringing on our iPhone trademark, I’ve nearly spent more time on other blog sites than I have in the previous two years since I started blogging at Cisco. I’ve come across a lot of very interesting and thoughtful bloggers (as well as some very funny ones) and thought that I’d highlight a few of them for your reading pleasure. This is, in no way, an exhaustive list and if your favorite tech blog isn’t listed, please comment and I’ll publish it. As a nominator for this year’s Bloggies I may or may not have voted for some of the blogs listed below. It’s a secret ballot, so I’ll never tell.TechCrunch – Most of you already know this blog, but I still highlight it as a quality resource for learning about technology trends and culture.GigaOm – DittoSiliconValleyWatcher – DittoThe Secret Diary of Steve Jobs – very well written and very funny.”Between the Lines” blog at ZDNET with Dan Farber and Larry Dignan – In the know and a good read. Ed Burnette should also be called out for his analysis work on his ZDNet blog as well as covering “software, gadgets and games.”ValleyWag – well described as a “tech gossip rag.”Crunchgear – Ditto to #1.And, last but not least, of course the ever utilized and ever useful Technorati and Digg.Thanks for the good reading, bloggers, and keep up the good work.

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