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There’s that age old saying – actions speak louder than words. While it’s important to acknowledge something, it’s what you do with that information that sets people and companies apart.

At Cisco, we look at information from the outside in – in other words, what our important constituents are saying and what that means to our business and to theirs.  Partners, customers and employees all hold a unique perspective that helps shape the way Cisco defines its business goals and continually improves its customer service.

A Dedicated Focus
To help translate what customers, partners and employees are saying into actionable insight, Cisco has its Cisco Listening Services Center of Excellence (LS CoE). This center of excellence encompasses programs – or what Cisco calls “listening posts” – globally across Voice of Customer, Partner and Field efforts. It is organized into three expertise areas – Listen, Analyze and Integrate – to deliver insights and recommendations necessary to take action.

Recently, Forrester recognized Cisco’s Listening Services Center of Excellence with its 2012 Voice of the Customer Award. This award recognizes companies that “excel in collecting, analyzing, and acting on feedback from their customers.” Cisco was honored for its efforts to integrate listening posts and analysis, and make changes.

Translating Listening into Action
Cisco is dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the working relationship with partners, customers and employees – we call this “Ease of Doing Business.” The Ease of Doing Business Program is focused on changing policy, process and practices to make it easier for customers and partners to do business with Cisco. As a direct result, Cisco’s made more than 50+ improvements since the program launched a year ago including:

Improved access and navigation on Cisco’s support website: Redesign enables users to quickly access support resources they rely on most; offers a “personal support view” and fast links upon login to save more time.

Consistent ordering rules and platforms: Improvements to Cisco’s quoting and ordering platforms and support processes reduced service quoting time and policy changes improved customer experience. Initial pilots indicate:

Unified tool platforms: Enhanced My Cisco web portal so partners can access more than 30 applications and capabilities with a single log in and increase productivity.

So what do you have to say? Tap into the Cisco communities that matter most to you and share your voice. We’re listening.

Karen Mangia
director of Cisco’s Listening Services Center of Excellence

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