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Your web site is the center of your online entertainment strategy

- May 8, 2009 - 2 Comments

I came across a really interesting flow chart on a blog about digital media called Hit Singularity. The chart was dubbed a “Social Media Strategy Framework For Bands”. I noticed something right away in this very well thought out chart showing the web flow of professional content, ugc and commerce related to a band or individual artist. The artist web site is tied to all of the other social media sites, and is at the center of the content consumption and engagement. I blogged in a previous post about how it’s critical for entertainment brands to leverage digital media platforms away from their own site to find new fans and engage existing fans. The ultimate goal of using such interactions is to drive the audience back to the branded web sites. This chart from the Hit Singularity demonstrates how some artist friendly social media sites can extend a band’s reach, help inform and engage audiences. You see the artist owned site is at the center of all interactions here. It’s interesting that I just came across this chart in May. It’s been out since January, but over the past few weeks it was brought to our attention by the digital music news service the Hypebot. The viral nature of the web I guess, the early adopter had it in January, and it slowly bubbled up through the digital music community. I recently talked to a potential Cisco Eos customer who lamented to me, “I’m getting tired of having to manage all these other sites where we have fans – MySpace, Twitter – I would rather put our efforts into our own site”. I sympathized with the gentleman, as it is difficult managing a content brand and the audience across so many platforms.This chart serves as somewhat of a response to the potential customer I mention. It could help the artist who wants to think about how their web site ties to other social and digital media platforms. I believe this “Social Media Framework” demonstrates the other platforms are vital to improve your own site experience. I recently experienced this first hand with an artist I discovered on the web.Recently, an artist named Melvin Gibbs found me on Twitter and started a dialogue with me. I had never heard of him, but as you can see from a Wikipedia entry, his resume is impressive. I think he likely found me because I was following guitarist Vernon Reid’s Twitter feed, and Vernon Reid is an artist Melvin Gibbs works with. Melvin used Twitter to extend his reach by connecting with me, and then used to engage by pointing me to a site where I could stream his album before it was released. I got to check out the music and I became a fan. He is executing a successful “Social Media Framework” as illustrated above. After I really started getting into his songs, I replied to Melvin Gibbs on Twitter, and asked him where is own web site is – he said he is working on a new one that will come out this summer. I asked because I’m interested in “the direct” Melvin Gibbs web experience. Here is his motivation explaining why he’s putting up a site, which is also pretty interesting.image

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  1. Thanks for posting Chuck . . . very interesting information indeed. As a musician and band memeber, I have seen firsthand how there is (in general) a lack of strategy and organization as it pertains to having a plan for reaching the maximum number of fans and engaging them.This article and the graph especially makes it a lot simpler for up and coming bands to conceptualize and then implement a plan to optimize their efforts as it pertains to web exposure.

  2. I am new to this music industry and learning the basics of social media strategies. I have started my own band and now i was thinking about to do some work on social media. Your graph really help me to start my practice. Thanks for sharing such valuable info with us. I must try to follow these basic strategies and i am sure these strategies will do the trick for me and also for my band.