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Want to see Cisco Eos at SXSW?

- August 24, 2010 - 2 Comments


GUEST POST; Alison Flato, CMSG marketing intern


Chuck Fishman recently posted about the rapid growth of media and entertainment sites powered by Cisco Eos. This is exciting progress, but what’s even more exciting is that since Chuck’s post customers have launched 16 more sites so that as of today there are 66 sites powered by Eos.  As Chuck says Eos has come a long way since launching with 2 live, and – at CES in January 2009.

As a marketing intern I’ve not only had the opportunity to learn about how far Eos has come, but I’ve also experienced the excitement surrounding what comes next. This genuine excitement stems from the shift in conversation we’ve seen surrounding social technologies and branded content. What once was solely viewed as a challenge is now being discussed as both a challenge and an opportunity.

When Eos launched in 2009 the early conversations we had focused on why Cisco and Hollywood was a partnership that made sense and that Cisco was serious about its investment in the Media & Entertainment industry.  One thing I’ve learned in my time at Cisco this summer is that the company has a rich history of partnering with companies and adding value to industries going through significant changes. Technology was changing and is continuing to change the structure of the Media & Entertainment industry.  Cisco has assets (network infrastructure capabilities and powerful, efficient data centers are just a few) that are complementary to those of media companies. This makes Cisco an ideal partner to help content owners companies create new experiences for fans amidst these technological changes.

While we were having these conversations, audiences were gravitating more and more rapidly toward “social” interactions online, but early “social networking” experiences were built around connecting an individual to friends, not necessarily connecting people to the branded content they love. Hesitant to give up control over their media assets, media companies that have been embracing social media have been using it solely as another content distribution channel, not as an experience to deliver a more direct and positive relationship with fans.

Gradually, we’ve seen a shift in the dialogue around social technologies. Today, media companies are having authentic conversations about ways to leverage technology and the rise of the empowered consumer to create a new entertainment experience for fans while at the same time generating new revenue streams. As we’ve said before, consumers want to interact with and around content that they love, and media companies are now exploring real, tangible solutions to meet these changing consumer needs.

We think this is shift in how companies and individuals are thinking about the digital revolution is exciting and we’re always interested in learning more about the conversations happening around this topic. Every year, SXSW is great way to participate in these conversations and to learn from others asking themselves some of the same questions we’re asking. Last year the Eos team members that attended SXSW gained some valuable insight about the next generation digital media experiences and this year we’re excited to participate again.

SXSW launched their 2011 PanelPicker on August 11th and after reviewing the Interactive, Music, and Film submissions we can hardly wait for next March. CMSG has submitted 4 panels to be voted on for next year’s conference:

·         Music: Can Labels Give Fans a Better Online Experience?


While you’re browsing the panel submission take a look at Cisco’s other submission Screen Chronicles: TV Turbulence and Transformation.

The great thing about SXSW is that because it’s a community driven event, they let the community (you) help decide what topics are covered at the conferences by voting on the panel submissions. Your vote counts for 30% of the selection process for any given programming slot. Check it out – register to vote here, browse the submissions here, and vote for your favorites (of course we’d love those to include our Cisco Eos and other Cisco panels).

 And, let us know if you’ll be at SXSW next March …

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  1. Hi Scott,SXSW has produced the internationally recognized Music and Media Conference & Festival.Now Cisco Eos is in SXSW that nice details.Thanks For the interesting Posting,I am awaiting Your Posting.

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