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The First Cisco Eos-powered Website… for Cisco

- November 4, 2009 - 2 Comments

It’s pretty standard practice for tech companies to use their own technology.  Commonly called “eating your own dog food,” using your own technology shows confidence in the product, and also allows you to experience exactly what your customers are experiencing.   

Cisco is a big believer in using our own technology, but it’s been a little tough finding the perfect fit for the Cisco Eos social entertainment platform since Eos was built specifically for media & entertainment companies… and last time I checked, Cisco wasn’t an entertainment company.  We do use Eos to power the Cisco Eos Developer Network (sorry, you have to be a customer or registered partner to access) and the Cisco Media Solutions Group’s internal site, but we didn’t have a public instance of an Eos-powered experience from Cisco.

Until now.

Earlier this week Cisco launched “The Video Lounge” – a site that features Cisco videos, and clips from mainstream media that feature Cisco products and solutions.  For example, check out this video from 30 Rock that uses Cisco’s Telepresence technology.  Hilarious.

In addition to watching videos, the marketing team has leveraged some of Eos’ capabilities to allow you to interact with others by rating and commenting on your favorite videos.

While it doesn’t necessarily showcase all of the features built into Eos for media companies, The Video Lounge is a great site, and another proof point of Dan Scheinman’s observation many years ago that “every company is a media company” in the digital age.

Stay tuned for more Eos developments/programming coming soon.

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  1. The direction Eos is taking is going well, considering it can now bridge main street programming with the power of individual registrations; a federated approach to programming.

  2. Yes i agree. I like the video lounge site and it's a great way to showcase the latest Cisco technology and developments.