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“new”Building a Better (Entertainment) Community

Over the last year the Cisco Media Solutions Group has worked with several media companies to build online communities around their branded entertainment content -for example, your favorite band, sports team or TV show. It seems obvious now, but these”communities of content” behave very differently than the social networks focused on connecting people-to-people. Consumers use different features, they have different expectations for the type and quality of content they see on this sites, etc. Read More »

Digital Revolution : What’s Next for the Entertainment Industry?

Remember when video was only watched on a TV? And music was only on a radio, or your CD player (or your Walkman ) ? Yeah, us neither. Today we’re kicking off the DigMediaRev blog -where we’ll be talking about the media & entertainment industry, and technologies that are changing the entertainment experience for consumers. Who are”we”? The blogger line-up is a motley crew from the Cisco Media Solutions Group , an internal start-up at Cisco focused on solutions to help connect media-content to consumers in the digital era.There’s plenty to discuss; hope you’ll join in.