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Commentary on Cisco Eos

Forrester’s Jeremiah Owyang has a good, fair assessment on Cisco Eos at his web site Web Strategy by Jeremiah.He’s got a good point:

as our research has indicated that community deployments are only 20% technology and the other 80% being process, roles, culture, measurement, and change management

Engineers hate to hear you say it, but changing human behavior is usually the harder part of the tech solution. That’s one reason CMSG has been working with several media companies over the last two years to understand their unique challenges, work flows, and opportunities to engage their audience. Doesn’t mean we got everything right with Eos, but we did design a robust administrative environment that media companies can use to consolidate and simplify the management of their broad portfolio of sites.This is a first step in a longer journey.

The Tale of Two Communities : Building a Better “Community”

Everybody seems to want a”community” today. Media companies are no exception and many are looking to building”communities of content” that allows their fans to interact with and around their content.There’s already a healthy market conversation going on about best practices for building user communities (check out Mzinga’s webinar series), but how are communities focused on content (and not so much on connecting with your friends/co-workers) different? Below are some data from two entertainment-related communities the Cisco Media Solutions Group helped create (no, they aren’t the ones we publicly disclosed: and; this data is from undisclosed deployments). While this”tale” isn’t meant to suggest one community was more successful than the other, they did take very different paths. image Read More »

Data, personalization… and advertising?

Wanted to point out a couple of recent articles over at Both focus on the impact data is having on the advertising world / model / agency / experience / etc, which has plenty of relevance to the world of media.Given the symbiotic relationship between advertising and entertainment , it shouldn’t be surprising that both industries are facing the obstacles / opportunities of collecting and using data for personalization and targeting of their respective “content.” Read More »

Music Discovery Services

Last week, I blogged about how I use Twitter to connect with entertainment content. This week I wanted to follow up with a post on web tools you can use in conjunction with Twitter to share content or discover it – that’s still coming, I promise. I’ve just been too busy this week to even play with some of the newest tools I am now hearing about, and share some more entertainment Twitter trends. I do have something to share though in the meantime. Before this blog got going this month, I was just testing myself to get more familiar with blogging on a regular basis. And I wrote a little ancedote about how I use to find new music I’ve never heard before – I got inspired when I came across a new musician. Here is the post … Read More »

Twitter as a media and entertainment experience

Chuck Fishman here and this is my first entry here on the DigMediaRev blog. Scott Brown in my group here at Cisco – the Cisco Media Solutions Groupkicked off the blog this week. I manage Cisco relationships with media and entertainment companies – this is my dream job and I hope to use this blog to share some of that passion with you. I’m like a kid in a candy store with my work. A part of each day is spent playing with the web sites of major media companies and studying the digital media industry. I love that, because that’s what I would be doing with my time anyways if I wasn’t on the company clock. I also spent years producing content for the Wall Street Journal and CNET – so I hope to also share with you content producers’ perspectives on digital media. And I’m talking to them directly quite a bit in my work – whether its a film production company, a broadcast network, or a record label. In my spare time, I also produce music and use the web to connect with audiences via social networks and other online platforms. Therefore, I told Scott I have plenty to share with you when it comes to how digital media is changing the entertainment experience. I’m really looking forward to it.My friends and people in my extended network know I use Twitter quite a bit. I’m going to assume you’ve used or seen Twitter, if you haven’t check out a recent Wall Street Journal Guide to Twitter. I use Twitter not so much to tell my social network what I am up to or how I am feeling – though I do that about 4 or 5 times day. My biggest Twitter use… well I really use Twitter to connect, discover, and share entertainment content. Read More »