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“Social Networking”, “Social Media” and “Community”… oh, m

Everyone seems to have their own definitions for the terms social networking, social media, and community . Rather than debate topicality, we’ve generally operated with the general definitions from Wikipedia (linked above). That said, there are important nuances to call out. My thanks to Adam Daum of Gartner for a conversation several weeks ago that crystallized these nuances. I’ll paraphrase the definitions our conversation led to:

Social networking — the tools or technology used to facilitate interactions between individuals or groups. Social media — the output (you hope) of those interactions taking place via social networking.Community — the outcome of those interactions and media: a collection of individuals brought together by similar interest.

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Social Web Ecosphere – Are You Connected?

It sure is exciting times here at Cisco. I am really happy about how everything is starting to connect, whether it is social networking or home media entertainment. I am Mike Chen, senior user experience designer at Cisco Media Solutions Group and I would like to share with you how I use digital media. In this post, I made a diagram of  what I call my “social web ecosphere”. The ecosphere is how I  syndicate and broadcast  both my user generated content (UGC) and professional  entertainment content  to multiple audiences. I use this “social web ecosphere” to achieve my goal of keeping assets in their respective places (i.e. photos on Flickr, videos on Vimeo) while syndicating them to my three main points of engagement: Facebook, Twitter, and personal blog. Not having to upload the same vacation photos a bunch of times so everyone can see them is sweet, but what’s even better is that now things like my Hulu favorites  and tracks from my audio blog are also in the mix.When it comes to syndicating your entertainment content choices and UGC, one should always be mindful of potential cross-pollination of audiences and only push content that is relevant. My Facebook friends might care slightly about my latest Xbox360 achievements, but feeding a”Grim Reaper” achievement to a corporate blog- well you know what I’m getting at. So check it out folks, and If you have any questions or specifics that you might be interested in, feel free to comment below. Cheers!

Building an Entertainment Community – Find Your Fans First

My colleague Scott Brown wrote about how online audiences tend to go to the branded site of their favorite entertainment (whether sports, music, movie, etc) FIRST to check out the latest news and content. But not every TV show, film production, or musician has their own branded site up online yet. So many content producers still have yet to build their own site, and as Scott mentions – its an opportunity for Cisco Eos.I’m one of those content producers who wants their own web site. When I’m not concentrating on my work for Cisco, I record funk and jazz music with my band fONKSQUISh. I do have my music, and band related video and text content up online on too many social networks to mention right here – just a few – MySpace, Facebook, ReverbNation,, Imeem. One of the reasons why artists like myself go to social networks like MySpace and Facebook is there are huge entertainment audiences there – over 130 million unique visitors per month according to Comscore. And that’s a great thing!!! Because you can leverage these audiences, and discover the most passionate fans to push to your own branded site when you are ready to launch one. You just need to know how to find these passionate fans who are distributed across different social networks. There are professional music marketers who work directly with artists and record labels to aggregate the fans. I will invite one to come do a guest post in the future, but in the meantime I hope to illustrate a few simple examples of ‘fan discovery’. Read More »

Consumers and professional entertainment content

Quick post: Caroline Dangson over at IDC just posted on her Twitter feed

Good news for Cisco EOS & Warner Music Group – 32% of Americans who DL music online say they visit artists’ official Web site

We have similar data suggesting that online audiences (beyond just music lovers) tend to go to the branded site of their favorite entertainment (whether sports, music, movie, etc) FIRST to check out the latest news and content. That’s a media company’s opportunity to engage those fans with an interactive, social experience that will keep them on the site longer, and coming back more frequently. Better experience leads to increased engagement, which ultimately should lead to greater opportunities for monetization.

Hello World! Introducing the Cisco Eos software platform

This morning CMSG announced the availability of the Cisco Eos platform. Cisco Eos is a platform for media & entertainment companies to create, manage and grow online communities around their content. (For example, online communities built around your favorite sports team, music act, sci-fi TV show, etc.)Q: Hey, can’t we already do this type of thing on other social networking sites?A: Parts of the experience may be similar, but the focus on Eos-powered sites is on interacting with and around the content -not necessarily getting updated with your friends. The content is the social object around which people interact (not necessarily the pre-existing relationships that exist between people). To further the goal of making content to focus point, Cisco Eos gives media companies a platform to put more content (deleted scenes, webisodes, off-season updates, exclusive audio tracks, etc) into the community, and to easily keep it fresh so audiences will keep coming back. Read More »