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Share your listening habits with the community

One of my first posts for the DigMediaRev blog was about Twitter and how I find it to be an interesting media and entertainment experience. I promised in the post to explain how I connect, discover, and share content on Twitter. I covered connecting with content in that first post. In a follow up post, I demonstrated how allows you to discover fellow fans of bands you may like. But how do you easily share entertainment content with your network of followers on Twitter? I will show you some tools and services that enable such sharing. The payoff in sharing content with your community is ultimately you are helping them discover more content, and content they may buy. (By the way, a interesting, but very provocatively titled report on the web and content discovery can be found here.) I created a video demonstration of content sharing tools for Twitter and other social networks, just click on through to see the video demo. Thanks! Read More »

Content: Still King?

Time ran a story yesterday titled Content, Once King, Becomes a Pauper that discusses the fact that media companies are being forced to write down the value of their content assets in the current recession. The author — Douglas A. McIntyre — goes on to wonder if content will EVER recapture its value in a digital world.I think you have to draw a distinction between the accounting”value,” and the perceived value of content to a consumer. If content is experiencing the same devaluation with consumers as it is with accountants, how do you explain the 20-minute conversation that I experienced around Friday Night Lights during the Super Bowl? Read More »

Artists, Bands and Musicians on Twitter

The Platform showed us the official, unofficial list of Cisco Twitterers and today I came across the official (?) list of artists, bands, musicians and more on Twitter via @mashable. The list is run by Gabriel Nijmeh and comes in a Google doc, so please contribute if you know someone who is missing. Thank you Gabriel and Pete (@mashable), the list is a great asset for those in the industry and die-hard fans alike :coolsmile: BTW… I am now following @thisisblocparty @DaveJMatthews @RealTalibKweli among others… Click here to view the list. image

Engaging the Online Audience

A while ago reported on some findings from market-research firm NPD that found that the percentage of Internet users who bought CDs in the last quarter has fallen yet again to 22 percent (down from 25 percent in the same quarter last year). The continued decline isn’t really news any more, but there were some other interesting tidbits to consider. Read More »

Lesson for Digital Content : Don’t just remodel, rebuild.

I’m just now catching up on my reading post CES and wanted to point out an interesting dialogue that happened back in December between digital content guru Jonathan Mendez and the New York Times Magazine’s Virginia Heffernan started an interesting dialogue around whether the new mode of digital interaction required new types of content -rather than just a simple re-use/re-model/re-purpose approach of merely distributing”old” content in a”new” channel.Personally, I think Heffernan is right -the Internet / digital is a new medium and requires new forms of story telling.

“We have to develop content that metamorphoses in sync with new ways of experiencing it, disseminating it and monetizing it. This argument concedes that it’s not possible to translate or extend traditional analog content like news reports and soap operas into pixels without fundamentally changing them. So we have to invent new forms.”

While I agree, I don’t believe that means that everything we know now (content-wise) is irrelevant. Just as the soap opera made the leap from radio to TV, there will be content artifacts that retain value in the digital genre. Read More »