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Welcome to the Flip Generation

This morning Cisco announced the intent to acquire Pure Digital, makers of the very popular Flip video cameras. imageI’ve been a Flip user for years capturing everything from my daughter’s first steps to Cisco’s presence at the Cannes Film Festival. Yes, Flip cameras are a relatively inexpensive video capture device, but the more interesting aspect is how the embedded FlipShare software which lowers barriers for editing and sharing videos. It makes things easy enough that even my parents (no offense) can take videos of their granddaughter, edit down to the most adorable moments, and publish it out to friends and family around the world.And that’s where the network comes in. Read More »

Content Freshness – Part 1

Last week I blogged about recent site design changes and a service outage at Facebook. The experiences I wrote about were reminders there are pitfalls when you put a fan page up for your content or brand on a large social site, like Facebook or MySpace. After I adjusted to the fan page design changes at Facebook (read more), I realized the recent changes were meant to inspire brand and content owners to strive for more “content freshness” on the fan pages they may manage. What do I mean by “content freshness”? Not necessarily the term used by search engine optimization experts. In the WebEx video below, I compare the band fan page I manage on Facebook, to a few Warner Music Group artist web sites powered by Cisco Eos. I use the comparison to discuss artist page design and “content freshness”. Please watch and comment.

What’s the point of Twitter?

I was in NYC last week talking to a number of media-company marketers, and journalists covering the media industry. Inevitably the conversation turned to Twitter and its more recent, explosive growth outside of Silicon Valley.Most interesting to me was that after glowing introductory comments, I was able to derail almost every conversation flow by asking: “What’s the point of Twitter? How are you using it, and what is the business objective you’re trying to achieve with it?” I wasn’t trying to be a jerk; I’m just legitimately interested in why people are using Twitter.I knew I was on to something when one of the journalists sighed with obvious relief and said: “Oh good, we were thinking it was just us that couldn’t figure out the point. We figured you guys in Silicon Valley knew something we didn’t.” Nope, sorry; we’re in this boat together. Read More »

Social Networks & Blogs Increase to # 4 Online Activity

Social networks and blogs are now 4th most popular online activity, according to the most recent Nielsen report titled: Global Faces and Networked Places. One key finding states that, “ Social networks are now visited by over two-thirds (67 percent) of the global online population, “Member Communities,” which includes both social networks and blogs, has become the fourth most popular online category — ahead of personal email.” imageLet me guess, you’re not surprised… I wish I had a nickel for every time someone has started a story with, “I was on Facebook and…” The significant increase in the number of people participating in social networks and blogs (coupled together as ‘member communities’ in the report) is changing the way people behave and interact in general. I think of a social network just like TV or the newspaper on steroids, a broadcast communication medium to articulate your message, but you have the added bonus to engage and connect with your audience in a new and powerful way.An important point the Nielsen report raises is that social networks are simultaneously competing with traditional media outlets for consumer attention and creating new venues for traditional media outlets to engage their audience. The report highlights a number of points publishers should consider in order to properly engage their social network loving audience and they go into detail on page 13 of the report: – Understand that social networks are an opportunity for everyone – Tap into what makes social networks successful – Increase interactivity within the publisher site (Internal) – Participate in the conversation on other social networking sites (External) – Think about the mutual relationship with social networks and other media – Whatever the successful ad model turns out to be in social networks – copy it. Please join us in this conversation in the comment section of this blog or via Twitter. If you would like to learn more about the Cisco Eos social network offering for media & entertainment companies, please click here.

Large Social Sites = Frequent Design Changes and Occasional Outages

I have told you in previous posts that I maintain a band in my off work time, and that our band uses a myriad of different digital music sites as platforms to reach audiences, again just a few we use – MySpace, Facebook, ReverbNation,, Imeem. I know the audiences for independent and major label music are on these sites, so having a presence on them is crucial.However, as much value as we get out of these sites because we are able to reach large audiences – it’s important to remember this – we would rather have my own hosted site for our band content. I would use the large social sites as points for discovering our band, and then drive the fans back to our own site.And yet I still see a lot of independent bands skipping out on the creation of their own branded experience. Well that can expose bands to the many potential web design changes and service outages of these well trafficked social media platforms. Read More »