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Music Premiere on — Sat., April 25

Wanted to pass along to all of you Sean Paul fans that he’ll be premiering his first single from his new album (IMPERIAL BLAZE) tomorrow — Saturday, April 25, 1 pm EST — on his Eos-powered website

Community Advice: How to Attract and Retain New Users

Community was a hot topic at the Web 2.0 Expo in SF last week and I wanted to share some advice I learned from a presentation called Sparking a Crush, focusing on how to attract and retain new users to your online community. The presentation was presented by Alexa Andrzejewski, who works for Adaptive Path. Alexa was gracious enough to share her presentation here and I’ve outlined the highlights below: Alexa speaks of retaining new community members as a ‘crush’ because when you have a crush on someone you: – can’t get enough of them- can’t stop talking about them- think they are amazing, when maybe they are just really so-so- assume that the bad parts will get betterHere is a brief list of how NOT to spark a crush on your community. I’ll follow up on the next page with instructions on exactly how to attract and retain new community members: – Move to fast – Pester them – Act desperate – Stalk them – Focus on yourself Read More »

It’s the Content, Stupid

In 1992, James Carville (the Ragin; Cajun) hung a sign in Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign office to remind everyone of the core message of the campaign: “It’s the Economy, Stupid.”It was a simple but important reminder to the team: stay focused on the issues that matter, don’t get side tracked by all the other things we COULD be talking about. A similar reminder could be issued today to many media companies developing online communities around their content — stay focused on the content; don’t lose sight that that’s what your audience is coming for. Read More »

Digital Media Programming Development Part 3

Following is the third video episode from a discussion I had with Damon Berger, digital media producer and director of branded entertainment at a company called Moderati. You can check out Part 1 of our discussion here, where we talked about digital media career development, as we traced Damon’s career path from Disney’s Stage 9 Digital Media Studio, to Revision3, to Moderati. In part 2 of our conversation, we examined the key elements needed for a successful digital media program (online video, multimedia content) – Damon obviously has a lot of expertise in this area, and he is also a mentor at the American Film Institute’s Digital Content Lab.The last part of our discussion delves into how professionals like Damon create and program branded entertainment. Read More »

Digital Formats and Albums

In the age of Youtube, and one-click mp3 downloads, one wonders what kind of roles albums play in today’s world. Albums used to be the primary method of listening to music, but how are albums relevant today when we can get song recommendation and have instant access to any song we want? Let’s take a look at what albums have been traditionally good at: 1) Bulk discount: buying an album is usually cheaper than buying each song separately. 2) Professional playlisting: There is intrinsically value in an artist-generated playlist, the art work, the days of the LP. 3) Discovery: albums are great tools to promote more songs from the same artist (secondary discovery)It is said that radio and MTV transformed the music industry by virtualizing music discovery. I think digital formats completes that transformation. It’s common knowledge that CD sales are dropping and digital download is on the rise, but why do people prefer digital? Read More »