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Your web site is the center of your online entertainment strategy

I came across a really interesting flow chart on a blog about digital media called Hit Singularity. The chart was dubbed a “Social Media Strategy Framework For Bands”. I noticed something right away in this very well thought out chart showing the web flow of professional content, ugc and commerce related to a band or individual artist. The artist web site is tied to all of the other social media sites, and is at the center of the content consumption and engagement. Read More »

Another “Eos”?

Several people have pinged me about the (possibly) new mobile phone from Palm, which may also be called “Eos.” Just to set expectations: there is no connection between Palm’s efforts and the Cisco Eos(TM) software platform.What this highlights is how difficult it can be to find a completely unique product name in the consumer marketplace. We looked at thousands of names over 6+ months to land on a unique name for Cisco Eos — only to have people call out products in completely different industries with similar names. I’m sure the product marketing team at Palm is probably experiencing a similar phenomena right now.From a selfish perspective, it makes me feel better that Palm is running into the same capitalization issue we have: Read More »

Cisco and Hollywood: Partnership that Makes Sense

Yesterday (and I must admit my source for all of this is Twitter feeds), my very good friend Ross Levinsohn was speaking at AlwaysOn OnHollywood. During his talk (again according to my #onhollywood Twitter feed), he mentioned that Hollywood needed to “wake up” or else Cisco, Google and Apple would eat their lunch. Now, during my time working for Cisco in the entertainment area, I have eaten my fair share of lunches (and even eaten some of them in Hollywood; and even some of them with Ross), I wanted to set the record straight on how Cisco is working with Hollywood.It is very simple really: We want Hollywood to make money. Read More »

Strategy Analytics: Assessment of Cisco Consumer Strategy

Finally found time to disconnect my IM, email, phone, etc and sit down at my new, self-proclaimed office to play catch up on some reading. I eased into the afternoon by reading David Mercer’s new report looking at the Cisco Consumer strategy (Report Title: Cisco’s Consumer Strategy: Will the Network Transform the Digital Home?), which includes some discussion of the Cisco Eos™ platform. Net: If you’re still wondering about Cisco’s Consumer strategy, David provides a good, thoughtful overview and doesn’t hold back on the opportunities/challenges we face in executing the strategy. I have to give David proper credit for accurately “reading the tea leaves” on how Eos fits into the broader strategy and how it’s both interesting as a stand-alone business, and a potential accelerator to other parts of Cisco. That said, there are a couple points in David’s analysis that I wanted to clarify since they are core to understanding where Eos is heading: 1) Eos’s relationship to the Cisco device strategy: David notes:

“the benefits of Eos are unlikely to be realised until an installed base of millions or tens of millions of end user devices has been established.”

He’s spot on about Eos needing critical mass before its true value can be realized, but we (the Eos team) are focused on a different type of mass than devices. The install base we’re focused on users/audience members and the interactions data they create around their favorite entertainment content. As a network-based platform for delivering a social entertainment experience, Eos is device neutral (albeit heavily reliant today on the PC as the primary access point). In the future, Eos functionality/hooks may be integrated into various Cisco devices to extend the value to both the entertainment experience and device, but Eos is not dependent on Cisco device or hardware strategy.2) The Purpose of Eos: enabling media companies to more economically deliver a social entertainment experience• On page 27, David notes:

“Eos’s emphasis on discovery and collaborative filtering raises the question of the potential for integration of social network applications into the system.”

Oops, our bad — that’s exactly what we’re doing. Eos is a platform that integrates social networking, content management and analytics (Discovery) into a single web-based app that enables media companies to deliver a community-driven entertainment experience built around their brands and content. Rather than forcing consumers to consume their favorite content on one site, and then go to a social networking portal to interact with other fans, Eos enables media companies to deliver a blended experience right on their own site media companies’ site. Not only does this provide a more seamless audience experience, but it allows media companies to retain more interaction data around their audience and content. While not every consumer will go to the branded entertainment site, we now that die-hard fans tend to go to the branded sites. Read More »

Digital Media Conference Season

For digital media nerds like myself, San Francisco is paradise. San Francisco has more conferences about the intersection of media and technology than I can keep up with. I’m lucky that the Cisco office here in the city is close to the Moscone Convention Center, because I can’t always make the amount of time I would like to spend at the events. The proximity to Moscone helps me at least brush by the conferences even if I can’t devote my full attention.There’s always a lot to be learned at the digital media conferences, and even if you can’t attend, there are many video resources and blog articles on the web to at least be there virtually. I’ll point you to some post conference resources in this post, and also give you my thoughts on some of the key trends and interesting things I learned by attending. Each spring, there is typically a run of conferences in San Francisco – since March, SF has witnessed these conferences come through town – Game Developers Conference, the Web 2.0 Expo, and Ad:Tech.What were my key takeaways from attending the events? Read More »