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The use of video in work place communication and productivity

Joining Cisco has been transformative in the way I work, and the use of video for work place communication has played a large part in that transformation. All around me, I hear the top leaders within Cisco constantly talking about Cisco 3.0, the Human Network and most interestingly, organizational transformation through embracing video. That constant theme of video that has been coming from our leadership has started to influence me and change the way I utilize video in my day-to-day work at Cisco. From conducting voice only meetings when I first joined Cisco, I am now a devoted believer in video and the way it can transform how a company conducts business both internally and externally. In this blog entry, I wanted to share my experiences of how I use video at Cisco and write about its advantages and challenges. Read More »

NEW VIDEOS: The Story of the Five Blind Men and an Elephant

Since launching Cisco Eos(TM) at CES in January, we’ve faced an interesting challenge of describing a platform that integrates multiple point technologies (white-label social networking, content management, analytics, etc) into a single, hosted application. Our challenge is analogous to the situation described by the fable of the blind men and the elephant where people describe an elephant based on the piece they’re touching — and miss the Gestalt of what an elephant actually is. Luckily, our definitional issue disappears when we walk people through how Eos changes their day-to-day activities, and delivers different types of value to different parts of Media & Entertainment companies — from the c-suite down to web administrators, and even to online audiences.Today, we’re launching web-based vignettes that translate “what Eos can do for you” for 5 different roles critical to media companies’ digital business and the delivery of a social entertainment experience.You can now view the Eos platform through the eyes of five perspectives:

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Back to the Future (of Social Media)

I read Martin Olausson’s from Strategy Analytics interesting report this morning titled “The People’s Revolution: Implications of the Web 2.0 and Social Media Applications.” Martin’s concise and well-thought out piece identifies the challenges and opportunities social technologies pose for media companies as consumers become more familiar with “social” technologies and want to apply these technologies to interact with both other fans AND the branded entertainment content itself.Martin identifies the opportunity this interactive experience creates for media:

“If media companies choose to embrace social media and web 2.0 applications, it will enable a more direct and positive relationship with consumers. Although this will require media companies to give up some of the tight control they hold over media assets and allow consumers to interact with the media itself, it is likely to create a dialogue with consumers which will undoubtedly drive engagement.”

Greater engagement + direct relationship with consumers + opportunities to monetize an ongoing conversation around branded content. Sounds like exactly what media companies are looking for from their digital efforts today.What’s really interesting about this is that Martin originally published the above thoughts way back in November 2007 — ancient history on the social media time line.So what’s taking Media & Entertainment companies so long to address the opportunity that Martin identified? In my opinion, here are some reasons: Read More »

San Francisco Music Tech Summit – Part 2

(Left to Right: Ali Partovi, CEO of iLike, Chuck Fishman, Cisco Media Solutions Group, Geoff Ralston, CEO of Lala at the San Francisco Music Tech Summit; Photo Credit – Julie Blaustein)I already posted an overview of the San Francisco Music Technology Summit, which included a great video wrap up of the conference by Yet I promised to come back with another post revealing key takeaways from this conference that focuses on digital music business models, technologies and services. Social media played a big role in helping me put together a comprehensive review. Read More »

San Francisco Music Tech Summit – Part 1

A few weeks back, I gushed about being based in San Francisco and how the location puts our team right in the middle of a lot great discussion about digital media. So many digital media conferences roll through the city here – it’s sometimes hard to keep track, and manage all the information you learn at them. And don’t forget the importance of keeping up with the new contacts you make. This can be exhausting ;)In the mix of all of the digital media froth here in SF – one conference I always look forward to is the semi annual San Francisco Music Technology Summit. I was on a panel there Monday titled “Social Networking and Music”. I will blog more about that later, and I brought along a Flip Mino HD video camera to capture some of the panels. Using the video, and along with some write ups, I hope to share some interesting San Francisco Music Tech Summit discussions about community, music, and digital and social media with you in the coming days. Read More »