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“new”Building a Better (Entertainment) Community

Over the last year the Cisco Media Solutions Group has worked with several media companies to build online communities around their branded entertainment content -for example, your favorite band, sports team or TV show. It seems obvious now, but these”communities of content” behave very differently than the social networks focused on connecting people-to-people. Consumers use different features, they have different expectations for the type and quality of content they see on this sites, etc.These anecdotal observations are reinforced from some recent research from Illuminas that suggests the notion of social networking is devolving into separate tracks of”social” and”networking” -where some consumers focus on using the technology to socialize/communicate with their friends, and others to interact around a common interest, brand or content.Part of the DigMediaRev blog will be spent sharing some ideas and lessons learned from these communities of content, and digging into how technology is changing consumers expectations of the entertainment experience. Personal question: what technology has most changed the way you consume entertainment content?

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