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NEW VIDEOS: The Story of the Five Blind Men and an Elephant

- June 12, 2009 - 0 Comments

Since launching Cisco Eos(TM) at CES in January, we’ve faced an interesting challenge of describing a platform that integrates multiple point technologies (white-label social networking, content management, analytics, etc) into a single, hosted application. Our challenge is analogous to the situation described by the fable of the blind men and the elephant where people describe an elephant based on the piece they’re touching — and miss the Gestalt of what an elephant actually is. Luckily, our definitional issue disappears when we walk people through how Eos changes their day-to-day activities, and delivers different types of value to different parts of Media & Entertainment companies — from the c-suite down to web administrators, and even to online audiences.Today, we’re launching web-based vignettes that translate “what Eos can do for you” for 5 different roles critical to media companies’ digital business and the delivery of a social entertainment experience.You can now view the Eos platform through the eyes of five perspectives:

1) “Jack” the Chief Digital Officer — needs help turning “digital” into a sustainable business by increasing audience engagement and revenue, while decreasing the costs associated with a portfolio of interactive web sites.2) “Allison” the Brand Manager — has to balance competing priorities: delivering compelling, flexible experiences for her content brands, and dealing with the operational and business realities of maintaining “communities of content” built for their online audiences..3) “Todd” the Web Developer — is looking for tools that will help him not only build new web experiences, but make it easy to integrate Web 2.0/social media features to engage the audience. Oh, and he needs to scale his development efforts across 10, 20, 50 sites.4) “Charlene” the Web Administrator — faces the day-to-day challenges of maintaining and growing an online community and entertainment experience. She needs help on the administrative side: publishing content, moderating the community, and generally keeping the experience fresh so that the audience keeps coming back.5) “Travis” aka Superfan — let’s not forget what the audience gets out of all of this. Our fan highlights the output of Eos in delivering an interactive, engaging social entertainment experience around his favorite show. Each of these vignettes describes Eos in a more holistic fashion, but from a different point of view. To go back to the elephant fable, these vignettes still don’t provide a singular definition of Eos, but as the wise man in the story noted: “All of you are right. The reason every one of you is telling it differently is because each one of you touched the different part of the elephant. So, actually the elephant has all the features you mentioned.”That’s the beauty of an integrated platform.Still have questions about what Eos really is? Leave us a comment here and we’re do our best impersonation of a guru to get you an answer.

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