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50 Cisco Eos Sites – Media and Entertainment Content Growing Online with Cisco Eos

- July 1, 2010 - 2 Comments

Media Site at the Center of Online Strategy

From day one on this blog, we’ve been writing about how the web sites of media and entertainment brands are the keystones of an online experience around content. For instance, one post which we point consistently to, is titled ‘Your Web Site is the Center of your Online Entertainment Strategy’. The above corresponding graphic from that post is still relevant.

And we believe that’s why our customers like Warner Music Group are having continued success with Cisco Eos. In fact as of writing this post, Billboard applauded Warner Music Group for putting the artist web site at the center of their digital strategy (story link).  Glenn Peoples, Senior Editorial Analyst at Billboard (follow @billboardglenn on Twitter), writes:

The strategy lays out nicely in a flow chart and conforms to the logic of the multi-rights contract: music fans go to YouTube, watch a Warner artist’s video, some continue on to the artist’s web site where there is more MTV-acquired advertising and the consumer goods that are an integral part to Warner’s multi-rights deals. 

An integral part of Warner’s strategy is its use of Cisco’s Eos platform for its artist web sites. Not only will those sites carry advertisements placed by MTV, they enable the e-commerce and fan relationships that are core to Warner’s vision of its future. Warner is ahead of schedule on converting artist sites to Eos, a source says, and Eos sites have been quick to gain traction. “It’s far beyond what we expected.” 

That’s exciting news. We’ve come quite a long way from CES 2009 when we launched the Eos platform publicly with 2 sites,, and As of this blog post there are now over 50 entertainment / media web sites being powered by Cisco Eos technology.

So what Cisco Eos powered sites has the media and entertainment industry built of late – continue on …

New exciting entertainment sites powered by Cisco Eos

I only visit the sites of content brands of which I truly am a fan. Therefore in our early days, I was curious to see if there would be Cisco Eos powered sites that would align with my eclectic and diverse interests.

Recently our customers have launched a string of Cisco Eos powered sites even my picky self is really excited about:

At SXSW we got to see Devo announce their fan community and interactive song study.

R&B singer Cee-Lo Green’s site went live, and I encourage you to listen to his new song ‘Georgia’ there. The song is an ode to Cee-Lo’s home state, and it features the wonderful James Brown like funk orchestra, The Dap Kings. Cee Lo is one half of the group Gnarls Barkley who you might recognize from their 2006 hit song “Crazy”.

Vocalist Janelle Monae’s site is now online and features a high quality video of her hit ‘Tightrope’, with rapper Big Boi from Outkast, which is quite a fun soul stomper.

Deborah Harry is still going strong with her group Blondie after all these years, and on her band’s site offered by 10th St Entertainment, I was surprised to learn in Blondie’s bio section, that ‘all these years’ means 36 of them!

Recent WMG - 10th Street Site Launches on Cisco Eos

Recent Cisco Eos powered site launches by Cee-Lo Green, Janelle Monae and Blondie

When you want to use the social features of these Cisco Eos powered sites, you can use the same username and password across all of them. You would just need to look for the Cisco Eos logo to see the reminder you’re on a site that will allow you to do that. Some of the Cisco Eos sites allow you to log on using your Facebook log on information.

Blondie.Net Log On Screen

Log on screen for social community with small Cisco Eos log on reminder logo

Our Cisco Eos logo is way in the background of any media and entertainment site – we are not the site brand, and we are not building an online social network that aggregates users like Facebook. We are enabling the media and entertainment companies to build as many online experiences as they have brands, in a cost effective manner that engages and retains their audiences as well as offering monetization opportunities.

What’s your favorite Cisco Eos powered media and entertaiment site? In fact, you may not even know that the official media and entertainment site you’re engaging with is powered by Cisco Eos unless you look for that small logo if you sign up to socially interact with the site. Have you been using a Cisco Eos site? We would love to hear from you in the comments below if you do have a particular favorite media and entertainment site that is powered by Eos.

While we celebrate 50 plus sites utilizing Cisco Eos platform as of this post, I wonder how many entertainment sites will be powered by Cisco Eos by January 2011. Since I’m such an avid music fan I was dwelling on music sites a bit here in the post, but our customers have also launched a few interesting Cisco Eos powered sites that touch sports and movies as well. For instance, the London 2010 Olympic Games designed an entertainment community around the Olympic mascots.  Meanwhile, Oliver Stone fans can enjoy a new documentary he produced about South America called ‘South of the Border’. It’s being released by Dogwoof Films.

New site launches for London Olympics and Oliver Stone Documentary, ‘South of the Border’, both powered by Cisco Eos:

New site launches for Olympics and Oliver Stone Film

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