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Jack’s Back! What Cisco Eos can do for you

- September 28, 2010 - 0 Comments

A little over a year ago, we introduced five new video vignettes, which helped us translate “What Cisco Eos® can do for you” through the lens of different roles in a media company, as well as for the end consumer. In the post New Videos: the Story of the Five Blind Men and an Elephant, I detailed how these videos helped us overcome the challenge of explaining what Eos is and how it can help bring value to media companies, as well as enable an engaging, interactive entertainment experience for fans.

What we discovered about these videos is that they worked. Engagement was high and we received anecdotal responses that these vignettes helped people “get” what Eos was. Presentations and collateral are great—but video can convey a lot in a pretty succinct and compelling way. These vignettes really served as conversation starters.

Since the release of the original video vignettes, the Cisco Media Solutions Group has been busy.  In FY10, the team acquired five additional Eos customers who have already built 75+ Eos-powered sites. There were also almost 400 features and enhancements made to the platform within that time frame.

Today, we’re launching a new set of videos with our favorite characters, carrying the story into the  new features that our customers are excited about. We also wanted to show that Eos can be used by any number of entertainment related companies. In these new stories, we follow a company that manages a sports site (Ole Ole) and a fan of that site.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to:


 1)      “Jack” the Chief Digital Officer  – Actually, you may have met Jack before. He was in the last series of vignettes. He is still concerned with turning “digital” into a sustainable business, but he’s also interested in managing all their data and thinking about smart ways to monetize his company’s portfolio of sites. 

2)      “Kris” the Community Manager – Kris oversees a number of her company’s sites, including the soccer site, Ole Ole. She has been tasked with figuring out what to do all the data they have access to, how to keep the communities fresh, and how to incentivize influencers. <<embed Kris video here>>

3)      “Maya” the Ole Ole fan – Maya is a soccer player and big fan of the Ole Ole site. Ultimately, Jack and Kris are interested in continuing to grow the Ole Ole site and keep fans like Maya coming back and contributing. They’re also looking for ways to attract more fans like Maya. <<embed Maya video here>>

You can also access these videos from our site. In addition, if you missed the first set of vignettes, you can click on the More Episodes button on the site to see the original vignettes. Happy viewing!


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