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Hello #100! Cisco Eos Celebrates Launch of 100th Eos-powered Web Site

- February 17, 2011 - 2 Comments

The 100th site on Cisco Eos:

Today, we are celebrating a significant milestone on the growth of the Cisco Eos social entertainment platform: the 100th live Eos-powered site.    Warner Brothers Records artist Iron and Wine ended up winning the centennial race, which looks like an added bonus to how well their new album “Kiss Each Other Clean” is doing on the Billboard album’s chart.

Congratulations, Iron and Wine, and the WBR team!  And thank you to everyone at Warner Music Group for the continued partnership.  (Apologies to @spinclair and @ericsnowden ; I know you guys were hoping it would be an @atlanticrecords artist site.  There’s always #150 or #200.)

We’ve had a busy year getting to this point.  Consider the following:

  • Throughout 2010, there was an average of one new Eos site launched per week.
  • Eos site traffic in the last quarter averaged more than 3.6 million unique visitors per month and 18 million page views per month. This represents an annual growth rate of more than 50% in unique views and a 79% increase in page views.

Since launching Cisco Eos two short years ago, a lot has happened in the Media & Entertainment industry.  Here are a few highlights of what’s happened recently:

  • The music industry started a new tune – The music industry was upside down almost a decade ago thanks to the Internet and digital.  Not only has the industry started to right itself by looking at developing fan experiences beyond “the album,” but it’s playing mentor to the television/cable and film industries who are now starting to feel the impact of digital.
  • Recognition that “social” is a new format for audience experiences – Content owners have realized that social is not just another distribution vehicle, but a way to interact with and engage fans.  Now companies are realizing that this digital, social channel is a way to add value to the long-form content by providing what we at CMSG  refer to as “digital snacks”.  After all, if you’re a diehard fan of a particular content brand, you don’t want to have to wait all that time between digital “meals” of long-form content to get your content fix.
  • Brands matter.  Don’t give them away – While social media is powerful (and all the rage), media companies are realizing that they’ve giving away the crown jewels of their high-quality, premium branded content when they indiscriminately give this content away to 3rd party social destination sites just to attract audience.  Media companies are putting a lot more effort into identifying their digital content strategy, and identifying the unique experiences they can deliver in the various social channels — increasingly with the objective of migrating fans to the branded destination site so they can establish a long-term, high-value relationship between the audience and the content.  (For one perspective on the evolution media companies are going through, see this earlier post.)

The Media & Entertainment industry is changing fast, and all of us here at the Cisco Media Solutions Group have been excited to be part of those changes.

I invite you to check out Iron & Wine’s new Eos-powered site, when you have a moment.  Please also join me in congratulating the rest of the Cisco Media Solutions Group team, our customers and our partners for today’s achievement.


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  1. Start-ups welcome! We have a range of customers from the large multinational media companies to start ups like Big Air Studios: Drop our sales team a line at and someone will follow up with you. Cheers.

  2. I am wondering if Eos is only offered to major media brands or is there a way for a start-up to use this as a way to get started right?