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Delivering the Video 2.0 Experience with Cisco Eos

- February 17, 2011 - 0 Comments


Cisco Eos version 2.9 now available

So you bit the bullet and integrated social features into your brand’s website. Give yourself a pat on the back, because the hard work is done, right?  Think again.

If you thought your job ended at launch, you’re headed for the brick wall. You about to embark on a journey that will lead you to engaging fans and potentially monetizing content like never before! Providing your audience with the best possible video viewing experience and reaching them on all of the devices they use is a task that many underestimate before undertaking. This leads to media companies that develop rich media experiences on their own, homegrown platforms often discovering operational challenges they couldn’t plan for, making for a never ending pile of work and significant financial investments to keep the communities they’ve started vibrant.

One great benefit about websites that deliver a social entertainment experience is that they are very dynamic and engage audiences in ways that build long-term loyalty and value (to both the consumer and the business). However, this can also mean being forever relegated to updating content, the website and features as services change or individual technology components are updated. It also means managing a growing community to ensure a good experience is maintained and the brand promise is delivered.

Media companies are great at developing content, and quite frankly, they should focus on their core business of creating the content instead of the technology platform for delivering it. This is exactly why CMSG continuously updates the Cisco Eos software platform – to make the delivery of a premium content experience embedded with social features, easy. With this in mind, let me quickly introduce you to the latest enhancements to Cisco Eos. The full announcement can be found here.

How do our new features  make your life easier?  Your web and mobile content experiences more engaging?

1.     Video is key to delivering a social entertainment experience. With this update, we’re providing the tools to help you upgrade to our next generation Adobe OSMF-based Flash 10 media player without having to recreate the wheel. If you want to your audience to have the highest quality experience with your videos and if you want to reach them on their mobile devices, you’ll need to make the switch to the new player. Dynamic streaming for the desktop and HTML5 video delivery and Flash 10.1 support for mobile devices are only available through our new player.

2.     Reaching your audience on a variety of devices like PCs, smartphones or tablets is critical to meeting the consumers’ needs. People are no longer one screen users, meaning that your video content needs to be optimized to work on any device they may access it from. Cisco Eos allows for multiple bitrate encoding enabling you to deliver a single piece of content in different versions that can meet the bandwidth and screen size requirements your users have.

3.     Helping you keep content fresh and current, we have improved the bulk media upload experience allowing you to upload multiple media items in one operation, streamlining management and administration.

4.     We are also enabling more “bulk” actions for community management, such as the ability to ban or delete multiple members in a single operation, or creating custom groups for content distribution. We’ve received a lot of requests for bulk management capabilities as our customers launch larger numbers of sites and need new types of administrative tools to help them continue the economies of scale they’re seeing from Eos.

Some additional enhancements include the limiting of video playback for users in various geographic locations, giving you more control over your content’s distribution, added filters to easily separate all professional media content from user generated content, enabling you to more easily manage your media, and no longer automatically turning URLs in member comments to links, allowing you to prevent spam and maintain a consistent, high-quality community experience.

These enhancements combined with everything you have come to expect from Cisco Eos make developing social entertainment experiences easy. Leave us a comment to tell us what issues you experience trying to deliver and manage a social experience. Who knows, we may just be working on that very solution for our next release!


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