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Cisco’s Manufacturing & Energy Facebook page has launched!

Announcing the Cisco Manufaturing & Energy Facebook page!

Today we officially launch our Facebook page for Cisco Manufacturing & Energy.

We are launching this page for two main reasons:

First, we are expanding our blog platform and team. In addition to our original manufacturing industry team, we are adding thought leaders and experts from Cisco’s oil, gas, and energy teams.

Second, Facebook, as a social networking platform, is an excellent forum for discussion. It gives all users a simple environment in which to exchange ideas, articles, and opinions. It is where you will find videos, blogs, pictures and many other things related to the manufacturing, oil, gas, and energy industries.  It is also a place where new contacts and relationships can be made, so be sure to get involved and engaged!

Additionally, we also want this Facebook launch to coincide with our social media activity for Cisco Live UK, which runs from Jan 30-Feb 3rd. We will be blogging, photographing and creating videos live from the event, and we want to get the content to you as fast as possible.

So please ‘Like’ the page so you can follow and interact with us in this exciting forum. See you there!

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