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An Open Framework for the Internet of Things

Cisco has had a jam-packed week at DistribuTECH last week. This year’s conference – held in San Antonio, Texas – was a great opportunity to talk with some of our key stakeholders. A highlight of the week was a very exciting announcement around a new open application framework that will drive Internet of Things innovations– called IOx.

Wednesday morning, I was joined by Cisco partners Itron, Alstom and OSIsoft to help deliver the news.  IOx is a software architecture that will impact many of Cisco’s products. The platform combines open-source Linux and Cisco IOS, to allow industries across all different segments to build applications that leverage sensor data and compute closer to the network edge (for a more in-depth look at IOx, have a look at this blog post). Soon to be embedded onto Cisco networked hardware, IOx delivers on our vision of fog computing. With the massive amount of data expected to be generated in the Internet of Things, this new computing model is necessary to parse out only the most important data back to the network (abnormalities, essentially); this will help save heaps of bandwidth, while enabling real-time responses. Itron, Alstom and OSIsoft were on-stage to provide some insight into how IOx will impact their businesses and customers. Read More »

Collaboration—It’s More than You Might Expect

Collaboration in the era of the Internet of Everything (IoE) is not just about people connecting with people. Yet when you ask most people how they picture “collaboration,” they probably think of person-to-person collaboration first: perhaps a web-based conference call where people are sharing content such as a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation. Or they might envision an immersive teleconference experience with people from different continents, across multiple time zones. Or they might think of a more traditional approach—a group of people having a lively discussion around a conference table, with someone taking notes on a whiteboard.

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Cisco IOx: An Application Enablement Framework for the Internet of Things

IOxThis is a three part blog that will explore some of the issues that are still holding back the Internet of Things (IoT), what Cisco is doing to help to solve these issues (via Cisco IOx), and what are some of the real life benefits that can be achieved.

Helping to solve the “Data Tsunami” for the Internet of Things

Big Data is a term being used a lot these dates. A “Data Tsunami” would be a better descriptor. In roughly 2000 years of recorded history humans created 2 Exabytes of data. The pace of data creation has accelerated at an incredible pace in the last few years, we now generate over 2.5 Exabytes of data every day:

  • Energy utility companies process 1.1 BILLION data points (.5TB) per day
  • A large offshore oil field produces 0.75TB of data weekly
  • A large refinery generates 1TB of raw data per day
  • An airplane will generate 10TB of data for every 30 minutes of flight

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling the proliferation of connected objects, and these objects are creating a data explosion, with data coming from billions of disparate devices, located all around the world. But unless these disparate devices can work together to create meaning,  all of this data is relatively useless. Read More »

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Summary: Next Gen IT Predictions: 2014 and Beyond

2014 will be a year that builds on the momentum of mobile, cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE). How can your organization realize value from today’s new model for IT?

Here’s my take on the trends we will see over the next twelve months:

  1. Increasing urgency to manage our zettabyte-driven world.
  2. The need for hybrid cloud adoption.
  3. A revolution in software and new IoE platforms.
  4. The rise in thinking about security holistically.
  5. The Internet of Me finally arrives: real personalized, mobile, cloud-based experiences.
  6. The Internet of Everything is happening now.

If you think technology has infiltrated your life, just wait. You can feel the potential for monumental change as we begin to interconnect the physical and virtual worlds.

Read the full blog: Next Gen IT Predictions: 2014 and Beyond to learn more about each trend and discover how your organization can realize the benefits of the Internet of Everything.

Next Gen IT Predictions : 2014 and Beyond from Cisco Business Insights


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IoT for the Grid: Unveiling the Next Leg of the Product Roadmap

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a huge opportunity for the energy industry, one that could allow utilities to fully modernize the way they deliver power to the world. By connecting every aspect of the grid, we are able to create a level of intelligence that can lower costs, secure mission-critical infrastructure and streamline operations. IoT drives the exchange of information across the entire grid environment, and Cisco is focused on making this tangible and seamless for our utility customers.

We’re excited to announce today new solutions in our connected energy portfolio that mark the next phase of our product roadmap. Based on an IoT framework, we are extending utility communications on a single integrated architecture down to the smart meter and controller. New solutions are as follows:

Distribution Automation Solution Read More »