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Technology Innovation: The Key to Solving Some of Our Most Pressing Transportation Challenges

Planes, trains and automobiles – getting from point A to point B has never been quicker or easier. However, there are a few key global trends driving the need to invest further in transportation technology. With the growing wave of urbanization, the aging of the population, and the resulting global demands on supply chains in developed and developing nations, current transportation systems will have a difficult time keeping up with demand. These trends are converging to create a remarkable challenge for our transportation infrastructure, but also a remarkable opportunity.

In the developing nations and cities around the world, governments and private companies are looking to grow their economies and compete on the global stage. In order to do that effectively, investments in transportation infrastructure are critical. But with limited budgets and a desire to show the world they can compete, developing countries have the opportunity to make technology investments that can put them on even footing of the rest of the world. Read More »

Delivering Better Transportation Solutions In a Connected World With Cisco IoE

Cisco ITS WC boothFord, GM, Honda, Toyota, the U.S. Department of Transportation.  It’s no surprise why they were front and center at the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress which wrapped up in Detroit last week.   But, Cisco?

Barry Einsig, Cisco Transportation Executive and John Gillan, Sales Relationship Manager for Cisco Advanced Services prepare for a customer meeting at ITS World Congress

Barry Einsig, Cisco Global Transportation Executive and John Gillan, Sales Relationship Manager for Cisco Advanced Services prepare for a customer meeting at ITS World Congress.

“Reinventing Transportation in our Connected World” was the theme of this year’s ITS World Congress, yet a question we heard all week was “what is Cisco doing here?”  As if right on cue, as the show came to a close, Connected World Magazine ranked Cisco as #1 on their prestigious Connected World CW 100 annual ranking of the top 100 elite technology leaders in connected devices.

Cisco has long been recognized as a leader in traditional IT and networking, but customers are starting to see how the Internet of Everything and the Internet of Things is driving a big transformation in transportation.  And, they trust Cisco to lead the way again.

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Intel and Cisco: Providing the spark for wider IoT adoption

Intel and Cisco are two of the first companies you think of when discussing the Internet of Things – and with good reason. Both companies are at the forefront of bringing the power of connectivity to unsuspecting places. I had the good fortune of standing on stage today at the Intel Developer Forum with my friend Doug Davis, VP & GM of Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) Group, to talk about how our companies are working together.

The possibilities for an IoT world are practically endless; and so Cisco and Intel are joining forces to focus on a number of areas where IoT can make an immediate impact. Let’s look at energy management – a hot-button issue as energy costs rise and corporations are trying to to reduce their environmental footprints. Consumers, communities and businesses are all starting to realize that energy awareness makes sense from both an economical and environmental standpoint. Cisco research shows that smart buildings are poised to generate $100B by reducing energy consumption through the integration of HVAC and other systems which will lower operating costs.

Using Intel architecture and Cisco Energywise and IP Network, we are creating solutions that get to the root of the problem – identifying where energy is being used excessively. The integration of our technologies allows for both IP and non-IP appliances to be exposed to greater analytics and control. It also introduces the opportunity for discrete sensors to be added to the items, granting even greater levels of visibility and control of building systems. These efforts will enable building operators to achieve their green, sustainability and cost saving objectives while maintaining a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for occupants/tenants.

This is just a small example of what Cisco and Intel can achieve by identifying (and then delivering a solution) where IoT can make a big impact. We are currently joining forces to focus our efforts on networking, API management, and security to help us scale IoT solutions into multiple segments. However, we realize that Cisco and Intel can’t do this without the help of the developer community. By opening up APIs and providing development tools, developers can create use cases for our technology that creates new use cases previously unexplored. true driving force for the Internet of Things will come directly from the developers who create solutions they will actually use, and doing so on a platform that lets them share their solutions with others.

To that end, Cisco DevNet is a new and growing developer community that offers the tools and resources for them to integrate their software with Cisco infrastructure. Developers can tap the DevNet ecosystem and use the tools and community to create innovative network-aware applications. The DevNet portal features more than 100 fully documented APIs, with more being added each week. We hope DevNet provides a space where the Internet of Things can grow, and where true value can be discovered.

Cisco and Intel are tackling the challenge of creating, testing and validating the most relevant use cases for the Internet of Things across multiple verticals, and we are documenting and sharing the best practices coming from practical experiences in the field to broadly to promote the development of the market. It is an incredibly exciting time for the Internet of Things – Cisco and Intel are standing on the edge of true innovation, ready to take the plunge.

Click here to watch my session with Doug. 

Two #IoTChat events this Wednesday Sep 10!

IoTChat Sep 10 with IBMIn the same way that the number of devices connected to the internet is increasing with Internet of Things, the discussions of IoT are likewise proliferating! 

This week, there are two #IoTChats!  On our weekly #IoTChat (Wednesdays 11am PT / 2pm ET) we’ll be joined by Internet of Things World Forum Platinum Sponsor IBM for a discussion of how data storage and management are changing with #IoT.

Cisco has a solution we call ‘data in Motion” which is basically a way to describe the devices coming online that are fast-moving.  If you think about it, the data created by a fast-moving device has a few hurdles to overcome.  There may be a lot of data created that may not all be relevant to transmit.  Also, for fast-moving devices, the data created often has a very short useful lifespan. So you need to have a good way to analyze that data and determine what should be transmitted, what should be kept, and what discarded. I think it’ll be a fun hour of discussion with your weekly host @Cisco_IoT and special co-host @IBM_Informix!

Tweetchat-September-(IoT)LATESTAlso, earlier in the day, @IBM_Informix is holding a special edition of #IoTChat, “How Data Will Power the Internet of Things” with Gary Barnett (@thinkovation), chief analyst at Ovum.  you can read all about it in their blog post on the chat.

Hope to see you at one or both of these fantastic events!

Want more details on participating in an #IoTChat?  Read on! Read More »

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Internet of Things World Forum 2014 – Why, What, Who and How #IoTWF

The Internet of Things is Here and Now. Looking outside of Cisco you can see this in the many and accelerating IoT companies that have been purchased this year – Google’s acquisition of Nest Labs, Facebook’s acquisition of What’s App, and many more.   Internet of things has been around as a term since about 1999, however, its recent popularity is due to a few emerging trends.  In the consumer space there’s been wide adoption of connected products such as smart thermostats and intelligent pedometers.  In larger organizations, we’ve seen the rise of BYOD and M2M – both predecessors to IoT. 

To further accelerate the transition towards IoT and build the ecosystem, we are once again bringing together the best and brightest who are working on, and using these technologies.  That is why, in October 2014, Cisco is hosting the Internet of Things World Forum in Chicago.

IoTWF Jaishree Blog

Internet of Things World Forum – Why?

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