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What is WebEx? A Cool Way to Have an Online Meeting

- November 15, 2011 - 3 Comments

So you’ve heard the term WebEx but you have no idea what a WebEx is? You’ve come to the right place.

WebEx lets you have online meetings with anyone who has an Internet connection – including mobile users. You will be connected via audio and you can share content from your computer which lets you see the same things at the same time – like PowerPoint files, Word documents or even browse the web together. Within the meeting, you can “Pass the Ball” so any attendee can control the meeting and share.

WebEx can help any small business, teleworker or home user conduct their business meetings more professionally and efficiently.

Here are more details about the features you get with WebEx:


With an online meeting, you can join using your landline telephone, your mobile or via VoIP using a headset connected to your computer. It’s all up to you. When you log in to your meeting, phone numbers for connecting are provided or you can choose to use your VoIP headset.


Online meetings are often called “video conferences” because participants have the option to share their image via webcam. With WebEx, you can have a conversation with the other people in your meeting and the image will dynamically change to show you who is speaking. It’s like meeting in person but using everyone’s webcams.


Meetings don’t have to happen just on the computer. WebEx has free mobile applications for most SmartPhones, and the iPad so you can join a meeting when you aren’t at your desk. Just download the application and join. You can also host a meeting from your phone.


One of the coolest features in WebEx is its recording feature. Once everyone has connected into the meeting, press record and you will instantly capture whatever is happening on audio, video, along with what you are sharing on screen. This means if someone misses the meeting, you can send them a copy to catch up – it also means you can fully participate in the action and use the recording to take notes later.


You can use recordings to capture important content that you want to share with others. Many of our customers record themselves giving a presentation or demo and then post the recording to their website. It allows them to leverage their time by packaging their information efficiently while still making it personal.

What can you do with WebEx?

Web conferencing lets you do almost anything you can do face-to-face. How you use WebEx is limited only by your imagination. Here are a few examples:

Learn More about WebEx

We have a two week free trial available now that lets you use all the WebEx features. If you are an individual user or a small business, we have WebEx 8 that lets you invite up to seven other people to your meetings for $19 a month. For larger businesses, WebEx Meeting Center, Event Center or Training Center are available to meet your needs.


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  1. WebEx seems pretty useful. Currently my company holds meetings over skype, but WebEx sounds very efficient... I especially like the feature that allows you to record the meeting if someone is unavailable to meet at that time. It's definitely something I will look into. Thanks for sharing this!!/InTheSpotlightMarketing

  2. WebEx is a hundred times better than Skype. This is the most effective software to use if want to conduct a meeting. More power Cisco! :D

  3. This is very convenient for the work place especially if when you are required to travel a lot. You will not have to miss any meetings.