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Visual Networking…Everybody’s Doing It

Earlier today, TechCrunch announced that TokBox, one of an increasing number of online based video chat companies (including Skype and WebEx) is debuting new technology to increase the user experience of Visual Networking. Visual Networking– does the phrase ring a bell? It is the culmination of the hottest technology trends out there: video, social networking and other collaborative technologies (blog, Wiki, forum). You and I will soon have the ability to communicate in the blogosphere or social network through an entirely new level of video applications. Applications and the bandwidth for Visual Networking are available; however we are only at the brink of really seeing the potential for usage in our lives everyday. In optimistic reflection of the saying,”If you want something, just ask,” what do you, whether player or spectator in the blogosphere, want Visual Networking to enable you to do? For example, I think it would be fun to: – Respond to blogs and news articles with a short video, rather than a comment. Connecting a voice and face to a screen name can make online relationships that much more dynamic. – Create a video out of the office reply to make colleagues jealous of my next vacation 😉 This video illustrates visual networking and the benefits of seamless network connectivity, no matter your device…

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