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Video On-Demand: The DOS of TV?

You can’t argue with more choice of HD channels and higher data speeds. The selection and convenience of On-Demand is great too, but as Borat would say about the interface-.”not so much.” What is with the character limits on the movie/program titles? They can ship me a multi-gigabyte HD movie, but the title is something like”Harold/K 2 (Un)”? What is this — “Harold and Maude” or “Harold and Kumar” or Harold Kills Maude” or … Or when I finish watching one episode of 13 in a Showtime series (that I devour like a starving man snacking on hors d’oevers) -I can’t just go to the next episode, I have to”exit, re-enter On-Demand, rechoose premium channels, select Showtime, select series, and then page down to the series again.” Reminds me of going back to a command line interface like DOS once you’re used to using a graphic interface like Windows or the Mac. But is a cryptic antique looking interface and numerous button presses the price we have to pay to access what we want when we want it? I hope not.

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