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Valet: Featuring… Parental controls

Keeping kids safe online is a recurrent concern for parents, especially in the midst of rising threats like cyber-bullying. How do parents know which programs and websites are threats? And how can they easily manage their child’s online activities? Valet provides a new level of control for parents, using simple tools to manage their family’s online experience.

Valet’s Cisco Connect software lets parents easily set controls on the fly, so they can modify web usage for certain days and times of the week, or even for temporary time periods. For example, if teens are spending too much time on social networks or gaming systems, parents can modify their wireless access so that they cannot go online after 9:00 pm on weeknights. Internet access for each personal device connected to a Valet – from a computer, to a gaming system, to a smartphone – can be individually controlled or changed as needed for the particular child or teen, including blocking inappropriate web content.

Anyone interested in re-gaining control over their child’s online activity can look to Valet for a simple solution.  

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