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Using WebEx Meetings for the First Time. A Primer.

- June 25, 2012 - 1 Comment

The new WebEx Meetings is focused on making online meetings easy.

The user interface makes starting an online meeting as simple as one click! The price of a meeting is very affordable – you can get a free Basic account – and you can host a meeting with two other people using your computer for audio by starting an instant meeting!

Get your free Basic WebEx Meetings account here.

Here’s how to get started with your first meeting. Make sure you have a host account.

Schedule a Meeting – Invite and Send

  • From the WebEx Meetings Home page, click on Schedule (or you can host an Instant Meeting).
  • Name your meeting – if you don’t, it will have a default title.
  • Set the date, time and meeting length – the actual meeting can exceed what
  •  you choose and you can manually put in any time you want for a meeting start time (e.g. 10:07am).
  • Invite your attendees – names from your contact list will auto-populate.
  • Add an agenda – the best way to help your attendees come prepared.
  • Add a password – this is optional based on your security requirements.
  • Congratulations: your meeting is scheduled and an invitation has been sent to your guests!

Host the Meeting – Start and Share

  • Click on the meeting (on your home page) and press Start.
  • Check your audio – if you are on a free account you’ll be using your computer audio via VoIP, with a premium account you can use telephone options.
  • Turn on your webcam if you want to share video. You may already see yourself on your webcam, but it is NOT broadcasting until you click on the camera icon. When it’s green, you are live.
  • Click Share Desktop if you want to share information on your computer.
  • Good work: your meeting is in full swing! You did it!

Use Meetings Spaces to keep the momentum going.

Your team can work together seamlessly in the meeting space, where all of your meeting activities and shared content are integrated in one secure, centralized place. Upload information before the meeting and use this as a home base afterward with meeting notes, action items and more.

Welcome to meeting online! With your Basic, free account, you can meet anytime. If you have more questions, please check out our WebEx Meetings FAQ.


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  1. So far, I have really enjoyed using the new WebEx Meetings internally. The addition of the meeting spaces takes pre- and post-meeting collaboration to a whole new level. I've been using WebEx since 2004 and this is a game changer. WebEx University will be offering customer-facing training on WebEx Meetings so we can get the rest of the world up to speed and excited to use it, too.