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Use Video to Send a Greeting Card

- December 6, 2010 - 6 Comments

Flip Video Greeting Card App on Facebook

Flip Video Greeting Card App on Facebook

Okay Flip fans – now’s your chance to get creative like OK GO and show off your holiday spirit and send video greeting cards to your friends and family – via email or now on Facebook!  We just launched on our new Video Greeting Card Facebook app: or This brand new app lets you load a video into a selection of unique holiday inspired greeting card templates… and what’s cool is that it can be video from any device that you load into Facebook– a Flip camera (which we know is your favorite video device) an iPhone, digital camera, and others. You have to check it out!

The latest version of FlipShare software is also coming.  Its planned for Dec. 15.  For those of you who don’t know what FlipShare software is – it is a preloaded software on your Flip camera that enables you to easily organize all your videos, email friends and family or directly post your video to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

The latest version of FlipShare (5.10) includes 3 new fun to use features:

  1. dozens of holiday greeting card templates which enables you to send privately to friends and family,
  2. improved private sharing options
  3. the ability to quickly import contacts from their online email accounts such as  AOL™, Google™, Hotmail™ and Yahoo™.

The private sharing feature enables you to easily and privately share your videos – plus share comments on your favorites. It’s like having a private video community page for those users who want to share only with their friends and family.

These video greeting cards are a great last minute way to send a greeting card – or maybe you want to send a thank you video greeting for all the great gifts you get for the holidays.   Get your Flips out and start recording! – we hope we are on your holiday greeting card list this year!


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  1. The Newly designed Greeting Cards in Flipshare 5.10 are nice, but I can not figure out how to load multiple videos on to a Greeting card. The previous version of Flipshare allowed multiple videos.

  2. Very nice template here! I was quite impressed with your writing skills as well. A question for you.. is this a wordpress theme? It looks pretty nice to say the least!

  3. What would be your top three tips for anyone new to this topic?

    • First get creative and have fun.. Video taking and greeting cards should be a fun project not a chore. Be yourself - but again have fun second - get a friend to help. They can hold the camera for you - get you in the right frame and even provide feedback on how they think you did. However you can also put the Flip on a tripod incase you want to do it on your on. third - use flipshare software. It will help you edit your video, put music behind it for festive feel and even let you post directly to facebook, twitter or YouTube. And if you want private viewing of your video - just email it. Flip is all about having fun with video. So don't worry if its not perfect. Its the thought that counts and people will think you are so cool that you sent a video greeting! Have fun!!!

  4. I share the same opinion. Thanks for your article.

  5. Nice color choice on the blog. It is really easy on my eyes and I have bad eyes too so that's a really big compliment lol