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ūmi, Mother Nature and a Small Living Space Could Equal $70,000

- December 3, 2010 - 0 Comments

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Design an ultra-low-footprint apartment in 420 square feet.

Your reward for completing the mission more successfully than anyone else: Up to $70,000 in cash, products and contracts for the best ideas.

The LifeEdited contest was created by Founder Graham Hill when he decided he would renovate an apartment in New York City in 2011. It’s not just any renovation though. Hill believes we all need to live in less space and have fewer possessions, thereby saving money, reducing environmental impact and living simpler lives. Thus, the need for a 420sf apartment with an ultra-low footprint.  And not only has he put out the challenge to the world, he’s backing it up with just rewards for the winning entrant.

So far, people have submitted some really great ideas in the form of sketched out plans, formal layouts, rockin’ mock ups and even a peach. From retractable walls to fold-out beds to secret storage cabinets, every submission is unique. What would make it more unique? Adding Cisco ūmi to the apartment!

We’re giving GRAHAM a Cisco ūmi telepresence system in order to and connect with family and friends from his apartment while reducing emissions.

The countdown until the end of the contest has already begun with 44 days and 20 hours left open for submissions. To find out more about the contest including rules, requirements and prizes, visit LifeEdited.


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