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Top 10 Things You CAN DO During the Holidays Thanks to ūmi

- December 23, 2010 - 4 Comments

They say “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” and we have to agree! From building snowmen to shopping for the perfect presents to spending time with loved ones, nothing beats the Holidays!

We’re here to make it even more special for you with Cisco ūmi. Share all the joys of the season with family and friends in other places right from your living room. Need some examples? We’ll give you 10!

  1. Decorate a gingerbread house – Plan on putting together a gingerbread house with your nieces and nephews or grandkids using Cisco ūmi. Just be sure you don’t eat the pieces before you complete it. We don’t know how stable a house with three walls is.
  2. Compete in a tacky Christmas sweater contest – Get a group of your best friends together and show off your over-the-top Christmas sweaters. You know the ones we’re talking about. They have bells jingling, lights blinking and snowflakes shimmering. While some might find them stylish, others find them gaudy.
  3. Bake Christmas cookies – Sugar cookies, peppermint chip, chocolate snowballs…we could go on. With so many types of holiday treats, it could take all year to go through them. Share the recipes with others and bake them together while chatting over Cisco ūmi.
  4. Visit Santa Claus – There’s one in every family: the guy who likes to dress up like Santa and take gift requests. Your kids don’t need to meet Kris Kringle in person; they can just tell him what they want via ūmi. This way, you don’t run the risk of them pulling off his fake beard.
  5. Decorate a tree together – If you have a favorite ornament that you’ve been putting on the family tree for years but can’t make it home to decorate, join in the fun with ūmi. You may not be able to hang it up yourself, but you can tell a family member where to place the ornament.  When you do make it home, you know where to find it!
  6. Carol to your heart’s content – What’s better than walking door-to-door in the cold and singing beloved Christmas songs? Sitting in your cozy living room and singing them for family and friends on the big screen!
  7. Open presents together – It’s the reason your kids wake you up at 5 a.m. on Christmas morning, and the look on their faces when they open their presents is the reason you get up. But what about the family members who can’t be there? Join loved ones out of state in the present opening extravaganza with ūmi.
  8. Have kids put on a play – Whether they’re recreating the nativity scene or ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, your kids will be stars after their ūmi performance.
  9. Play board games – Don’t want to fight the post-Christmas shopping crowd? Stay home and play Pictionary or Cranium with family members in another state. But you better make sure the ones with control of the board and pieces don’t cheat and move forward a space.
  10. Reminisce by the fire – After all the stockings have been emptied and the gifts unwrapped, take some time to sit by the fire and talk about Christmases past and the true meaning of the holidays with your family.

Happy holidays to you and yours from the Cisco team!


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  1. Christmas season is the best. Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. The number 10 shows a sign of great relief! :D

  3. the 3rd one is really good thing, Because in this xams 2010 we had a great cooking time

  4. Well, living in Texas with temps at 70-80 degrees makes it tough to feel in that Christmas spirit... What do we do here? Play golf. Playing golf on christmas day has been the normal thing for as long as I can remember.. Sometimes wish we had the freezing temps to get into that "Ho Ho Ho" spirit!