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The Future of Online Dating w/Mashable’s Pete Cashmore

- August 5, 2008 - 15 Comments

We continue to tackle the meaty issues of the day here at the Cisco consumer blog. :cheese: Today’s topic: How would online dating change with video integrated into popular dating sites like, or social networks like Facebook to create a true visual networking experience? This was the topic of discussion for part three of our recent sit down with Pete Cashmore from Mashable. Nothing better than listening to three grown men talk about how video will increase online dating “conversion rates”. Here’s how I think it would change:1. Fewer surprises….40 year olds wouldn’t be able to post their high-school yearbook photos as part of their profile.2. More trial/less error. You can think of a brief video snippet as an audition for a date. This will allow a prospective partner to cover a lot more ground and increase the chances that they will meet someone in person who is truly a good match.3. It would be funnier. Imagine people having to create their own video introductions. I’m sure some would be very smooth, others boring, and a large % would be very awkward and funny. Basically it would be similar to the experience of meeting people in-person for the first time.At the end of the clip I share my brilliant idea for a Facebook/Evite mash-up that would allow a person to check out who is attending (via video clip) a party in advance to determine if they would want to attend.View Michael Kisch's profile on LinkedInTo learn more about visual networkingCheck out Cisco Digital Cribs.

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  1. I recently joined some dating sites and found they were static, not stimulating at all and a bit of a chore to read all the details of a person. So I though about people uploading a 15 - 30second intro clip to buck the trend. It would definitely provide a deeper understanding of a person by listening to how they talk, how they emote whilst describing some of their favourite/hated things, and through dynamic visuals their personality. I was on the verge of looking to start something which allows users to upload an intro clip as the main focus of a dating site, but thought I should search the internet first to see if the idea had been thought about previously and been implemented. Obviously it has been thought about :) but have not seen many websites implementing it. :-/ I would love to see a website starting to use video clips as I think we are in an era now that everyone has some ability to take a video clip, whether or not it is on their phone, or via their webcam. A site where it is all about the visuals rather than the monotonous scouring of user profiles is definitely the way forward!

  2. Mike, I think its a great idea to add realtime video to dating sites but will it really weed out the fakes like you suggest? We'll just have to wait and see. With ever increasing bandwith and cheaper costs this is the way forward.

  3. Most dating sites have chat service, what if in their profile they can upload a video of themselves as well to evaluate more with their prospect Dating partner.

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  5. The trouble with uploading video to a website is the amount of manpower it takes to review the material. It's OK if you're a big site and have staff to do it, but not if your a one-man outfit or a small team looking after lots of sites. Unless your happy to accept any old video, of course.

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  7. Check out it already does this and its 100% free!Video weeds out the fakes using 10 year old pictures of when they had hair and were in shape! Happy Hunting!

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  11. Agreed. It requires behavior change and people being more comfortable with how they present themselves.

  12. Interesting info! I think people will use video, they just need soome time...

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  14. Thanks for the post David. Online dating is a great space for visual networking; you should email Mike Kisch at to discuss how we can collaborate in the future.

  15. I'd love to talk to someone at Cisco about using video for identity verification and dating. I have dating sites that would get involved and partners that provide the actual verification and facial analysis. Lot's of interesting stuff to to, hope someone is paying attention.