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Six Great Tools to Help You Become a Better Leader

- April 10, 2012 - 1 Comment

Getting others to willingly follow your lead requires several important skills, like vision, effectiveness, motivation and setting clear goals.

We’ve pulled together some powerful resources that will help you achieve better results, whether you’re a CEO or an entry-level employee. You can use the techniques here to design a long-term plan to improve your leadership skills, which we hope will help you succeed professionally and personally.

Today, in part one, the focus is on goal setting, vision and leadership. Tomorrow, in part two, we focus on motivation and team dynamics. Each tip has an on-demand WebEx webinar you can access at any time – you don’t need to download any software to participate.

Step 1: Recognize the importance of goal setting

The best business leaders are most effective at using goals to drive business results. Goal setting is one of the most powerful tools available to support your business. In this webinar, Steve Hunt, Principal Director, Business Execution Practices at SuccessFactors explains common mistakes and shares steps to address them, including some frequently overlooked techniques. Watch it.

Step 2: Set a clear vision

A leader with a clear vision has a well-defined picture of where to go. The result is it can be easily articulated and communicated and then driven to completion because everyone understands what to do. Setting a vision is the first step toward getting your company or team where you want it to go. Vision expert Jesse Lyn Stoner, Founder of the Seapoint Center, explains how to create a meaningful vision that engages everyone on your team, plus how to set goals and take action, and provides six guidelines to help you stay the course and make your vision a reality. Watch it.

Step 3: Provide strong, consistent and inspiring leadership

Poor leadership can cost the typical organization millions of dollars each year by negatively impacting several business areas including employee retention and customer satisfaction. Make sure that you are getting the best out of your people with an opportunity to learn more from Blanchard Program Director David Witt who shares the three performance gaps you need to address for business success. Watch it.

Come back tomorrow for part two when we offer three more tools for helping you become a better leader. And join us on Facebook if you have questions or comments about these webinars.


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  1. Thanks for sharing these great tools I agree one needs to set a clear viison if he is to avail success as a business leader. Effective leadership always motivates team mebers to perform at their maximum capacity