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Reliving the Glory Days w/Online Video

A friend sent me a link to a video on YouTube yesterday. It was of one of my all time favoriate musicians Jeff Tweedy of the band Wilco. He was telling a story about a strange twist of events that found him vacationing in Mexico next to his old bandmate Jay Farrar, a person for various reasons he hasn’t spoken to for over ten years. The clip was from a show at the Vic Theater in Chicago from January 2008. It was a funny story that lasted all of 3min. But it got me searching for old archival footage of Jeff’s previous band, Uncle Tupelo. 99% of you probably have no clue who Uncle Tupelo was or who Wilco and Son Volt are. They were/are not mainstream bands that receive lots of airplay on the radio. But Uncle Tupelo was a very signficant band to my friends and I while growing up in the midwest. They blended the twang of americana with the anger of punk. They were one of the few bands that we would pay attention to and get tickets to their shows when they came through Chicago. Sidebar…Jeff Tweedy eventually married a woman that owned a club right near my apartment in Chicago. I got to meet him one night while he sat on the curb waiting for the show to start. 12 years later and it is still my coolest “celebrity” run-in. The purpose of my post is not to go on and on about a band that I used to love that broke up for the usual reasons. My point is that I can go back and experience archived shows and interviews of one of my favoriate bands that had an impact during my formative adult years. How cool is it that I can go back and find the last song ever performed by Uncle Tupelo before they broke up in 1992.This is one of the key benefits of visual networking. The ability for a friend to forward me a video. The ability for that video to be associated with other related videos and the ability for that video to be streamed to me over my PC, TV or mobile phone. I ended up spending a good chunk of my Sunday evening checking out old music videos and user generated video from Uncle Tupelo shows as far back as 1987. I also forwarded a bunch of them to old friends so they could breathe in the nostalgia of one of our favorite bands.Sign-up for Cisco’s new web series Digital Cribs.View Michael Kisch's profile on LinkedInTo learn more about visual networking go to: Wikipedia

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